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What to do about dwindling hair – three methods against hair loss!

Have you already discovered the bald spot on the back of your head? Such references can be dispensed with by all gentlemen around the globe. As long as the problem of hair loss has not been recognized in the mirror image, it lives more peacefully.

If the hair loss is conscious, it should at least escape the attention of others. Either way, almost all men concerned deal with the causes and want to slow down the loss as possible.

A few keywords are enough for the search engine to provide numerous hair loss tips, products and treatments. However, the question arises, what really works.

Why do men lose hair?

The logic suggests: Before a deficiency can be contained, the cause must be known. Central European men are affected by far more than 80 percent of the light facts on the head (hair loss). So “man” is not on his own, but knows many fellow sufferers.

The majority of men will only find it on Earth after half a century. One-third of men watch the loss of their hair before their 30th birthday. Admittedly: the sooner, the more bitter is the knowledge. Finally, the smooth head indicates a certain maturity.

Beginning of a home case in men

As a rule, the receding hairlines are first formed before there are gaps elsewhere. Sneaky variants begin with a bald spot on the back of the head, which initially remains undetected when looking in the mirror.

Genetics is involved in these hair loss versions. It is about a hereditary hypersensitivity of the hair roots, which refers to a substance called dehydrotestosterone (DHT) . It is a degradation product of the male sex hormone testosterone.

The quintessence of the sensitive reaction is a premature break in growth of the hair. Thus, the hair roots form back to produce a light fluff and then nothing at first.

The self-confident man allows the unacceptable, but all the better reversal: more bald, more testosterone, more man. In fact, there are studies ( more here ) that suggest that men without hair on the head are perceived as more competent and powerful.

Sometimes minimalism in hair seems to have a maximizing effect on sex appeal. Anyone who is happily beating their bald heads at this moment can stop any further research on hair loss remedies.

Hair consultation with the dermatologist

As a rule, a look at the pedigree is sufficient to suspect the cause of the hair loss. In most cases, it is a hereditary problem. Nevertheless, the matter should be clarified with a physician.

Loss of hair can also be a symptom of:

  • An immunological disorder
  • Extraordinary stress reactions of the body
  • Incompatibility of drugs
  • undiscovered infectious diseases

So it is quite possible that good and bad news unite. Circular or diffuse hair loss can cause a significant diagnosis. Accordingly, the disease is treated and eliminated. In many cases, then the clear spots disappear again and the man is happy about his full hair fullness.

Hair restorer – anticipatory thinking is in demand

With hereditary hair loss, the chances of recovery are poor. At most, the loss can be mitigated and delayed. A vital and thoughtful lifestyle can help to reduce the baldness less quickly. Healthy food can not outsmart the genes. However, causes can be avoided that put additional strain on the hair. Unsuitable care products, aggressive gels from the cheapest corner, nicotine and alcohol are good examples.

In the meantime, there are preparations that stimulate hair growth. First, the specialist advises tinctures, then tablets. Contained are almost always hormones and drugs such as finasteride, minoxidil and 17-alpha-estradiol. These interfere just where the problem is to be sought.

Anyone familiar with the field of medicine may draw a conclusion from this: since it involves formulas that interfere with the hormone balance, the effective hair restorers must be prescribed.

It should also be clear that this method can only concern the preservation of the actual state. Plain text: What is gone is gone. If hair roots have died, resuscitation is not possible. It is important to start the treatment at a very early stage, the effect of which will only be visible after three to six months.

Completely risk-free is the long-term use of chemical preparations only rarely. Therefore, the consultation with the dermatologist should be taken seriously and the decision for medication should be weighed well.

Prominent transplanting: hair transplantation

Public figures, such as Jürgen Klopp, Kevin Kostner, John Travolta do it again and again. They take a not inconsiderable sum into their hands and invest in a hair transplant. Anyone who imagines the thing as easily as a redesign of the front yard is on the wrong track.

From areas that are blessed with abundant hair growth, functioning hair follicles are removed and inserted into the bald regions. It is a complex process that can lead to defensive reactions, infections and other complications.

To what extent the procedure is crowned with success can not be clearly predicted. However, a competent dermatologist can give advice on whether treatment in a specific case makes sense or not. However, it can not stay with the transplant. The seedlings would like to be guarded. Finally, the inherited response to the DHT persists and can quickly bring down the new head of hair.

True miracles promise novel laser combs, for example from Vivicomb . Initial studies suggest an effectiveness of the equipment. Whether it is the key to wild madness until retirement age remains to be seen.

The next step seems to be the courage to take the last step. If the baseball cap can not hide the gaps, radical hairstyle trends for men continue to help. Baldies are always up to date, which is true for the fuzzy hair wreath around nothing less.

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What to do about dwindling hair - three methods against hair loss!

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