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What the look and outfit about the man reveals

A well-groomed appearance is natural for today’s gentleman. But not only in the business world man sets a statement with his fashion. Because the female sex puts the men by their look like fast in a drawer. But man can also use that for himself.

Hairstyle, beard and glasses must fit

The face is mainly determined by the

After all, the man with a beard now looks attractive and likeable again , while the glasses have become a fashionable accessory.

Under you can easily find the perfect model based on components such as glass shape, style, material and of course color. Glasses without edge express intelligence, but also a spark of lewdness. Thick edges, on the other hand, nowadays convey sportiness and youth, whereas in the past they used to be considered a typical feature of the nerd.

A good example of the change of image is day spokesman Jan Hofer, who has swapped his rimless model for a pair of horn-rimmed glasses .

Gentleman or philosopher?

  1. The classic business look of the gentleman still appeals to the woman of today. It conveys security, stands for power, reputation and not least for money. But those who exaggerate it here are quickly intimidating.
  2. The situation is quite different with philosophers and creative people. Most important marks for the witty man? Kord and the worn old leather jacket. A white shirt under the Cordsakko compensates for the cliché but quickly and can stand well for the modern gentleman.
  3. On the other hand, creative people are characterized by individuality and nonchalance. They are much more adventurous in terms of colors and cuts. With a good pair of leather shoes like the current Oxfords or Brogues you can not do much wrong with every look.

If the overall package is right and you stay authentically in look, fashion and style, you’ll be well received in any case. For men, fashion is becoming more and more important because at first glance women are rarely taken seriously by those who lag behind the trends.

At the Fashion Weeks in Berlin in January 2014, for example, men’s fashion was already presented on one third of the shows. Investing in a stylish look from head to toe will certainly pay off in the long run.

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What the look and outfit about the man reveals

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