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What are the top men's hairstyles 2019?

Which men’s hairstyles do women like?

You want to score especially with the female gender with a modern hairstyle and above all trend-conscious look? Most ladies love a well-groomed short haircut with thick hair. With a sidepart hairstyle, you can easily wrap any woman around the finger. These are shorter side sections with a longer covering hair, which is styled playful to the rear. The hair may also like to be styled wild and mussed, because that pleases the women’s world particularly well.

A strong handyman look embodies a crew cut hairstyle. This man haircut looks very masculine and strong and makes all women’s hearts beat faster. Be sure to get into the hands of a professional hair stylist. The side parts are shortened to about 15 millimeters. From the ear, the hair is then kept longer, so that the top hair remains the longest.

You’re too comfortable to style your hair every day? Then the beloved Messy Look is perfect for convincing your date. The haircut gives the impression as if you had just gotten up and had not seen a mirror yet. The hairstyle is by no means considered neglected, on the contrary. Long macerated hair is in demand this year as never before. At the Fashion Weeks, the messy haircut is skilfully presented. This men’s hairstyle is best illustrated with medium-length hair with scrubby top coat.

What are the top men's hairstyles 2019?

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