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Wavy Hair – So you wear and care for it as a man best

Wavy hair in men is no longer the exception in everyday life. On the contrary, a large number of men wear their hair naturally wavy. But this also requires significantly more care than is the case with a short hairstyle like the Buzz Cut . Simply just getting in shape is not. Provided you want to completely destroy the volume of your own hairstyle . For this reason, let’s take a closer look at how to wear and care for wavy hair as a man.

Wavy hair: robust, strong and yet easy to style

Wavy hair is generally considered to be thicker, denser, more robust and stronger, and generally more resistant than thin, short-cut hair. This is what makes wavy hairstyles so interesting. In combination with a stylish beard , one thing is for sure. You become an eye-catcher. Wanted or unwanted.

Wavy Hair - So you wear and care for it as a man best

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Furthermore, you have to deal a little more with the care of your own hair. A reasonable coconut oil is part of the basic equipment. It is natural and helps to keep everything nicely hydrated, especially at the hair ends. It can also be used as a wash-out or leave-on cure to hydrate and moisturize the hair. In my article “How to take care of your hair in the summer!” I had already taken this up. Below we dive a little deeper into the topic.

That’s what care about wavy hair is all about

Just washing hair is not curly, wavy hair. The maintenance effort is a bit higher here. As a man, it is not enough to wash your hair with shampoo, you should also use conditioner to avoid knots in your wavy hair. But first you start with the shampoo. The hair is kneaded here at rest and not too long; otherwise volume is lost. Ideally, massage the shampoo only in the approach. Then rinse.

Afterwards the conditioner is used. The interaction of shampoo of conditioner works ideal, because shampoo opens the scaly layer of hair and cleanses it, conditioner maintains, then closes and then seals the hair structure again. If you have problems with split ends, then you can certainly put on appropriate special care products. When choosing shampoo and conditioner, you should also make sure that they are anabolic, toning and moisturizing. Because of the natural curvature of the wavy hair, this has a rougher, more vulnerable structure.

Wavy Hair - So you wear and care for it as a man best

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The right washing of hair is also dependent on the styling products used. Too heavy styling products stick to the hair and are difficult to wash out. It is recommended to use products based on natural oils. This makes the hair impenetrable and learns to self-regulate. After a while, you should be able to get in shape without much use of styling products. Easy to pick up and give a natural finish should be in the foreground when choosing appropriate products.

Because not only when washing itself, it is important to pay attention to the above points to keep your own wavy hair in shape. Even then you should make sure that it is not pulled too much by the towel in the affected. You should dab the hair rather than rub it off. Afterwards one can bring the coiffure back into shape with a coarse-toothed comb and unravel strands. It is ideally dried in the air.

The best hairstyles for wavy hair

Wavy hair can be styled differently than any other hair type. In fact, it depends on the details and how confident you are with your own appearance. Some people like to consciously take center stage. These can therefore wear quite noticeable hairstyles. Others are more discreet. For this reason I have put together five hairstyles, which offer the right style for every taste.

Wavy Hair - So you wear and care for it as a man best

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Medium length – Mature: The 90s are back

With this hair style, the 90s come back. At least the feeling that you associate with it. Also known as the “front curtained” hair style that is best known by Brad Pitt, David Beckham or Leonardo DiCaprio. If you’ve watched the movie Jim Carroll starring Leonaordo DiCaprio in the streets of New York, then you should be familiar with the so-called “front curtained” hair style.

By the way, this name is the program, so it is inspired by curtains that hang on the wearer’s face. Only that it is not curtains, but hair that hang loose on the front. The style can be worn by men with hair of medium length, these are too long loses the style of effect.

This hairstyle is styled with a little hair oil, which is applied to wet hair and allowed to dry. This gives the hairstyle its typical style and looks extremely natural. In general, however, in terms of styling, less is more.

Textured transitions in wavy hair

A very simple interpretation of wavy hair in a hairstyle is certainly this style. Simply ask the barber of confidence that the back and sides are cut shorter. The length of the upper hair stays longer. Furthermore, care should be taken that a gradation of the hair parts takes place to each other. Ideally not with a radical transition, but rather a step transition.

The styling itself is best used here a strong, dull wax to define the texture as well as to work out the transitions optically. Furthermore, it is recommended that beards wear this same length as the “lowest” level of the side part.

Long & Natural

Sometimes it can be easy. Basically, this hairstyle is a longer version of the “Midlength – Mature: The 90s are Back” . The hair basically has more curls and are worn with more length and several layers. With regard to the length, it is best to orient yourself to the front cheekbones. A little tip: Make sure the ends of the curls are cut at the tip to make them softer.

If your own hair is very thick, it is advisable to take out a little weight in order to obtain a better shape of the hairstyle. In terms of styling, the still damp hair should be brought into shape again here. Oil-based agents are recommended, but please do not use too much.

Who likes it even simpler, wears his hair Au Natural . Because if nothing works, then in any case, naturalness. Nothing else describes the Au Natural Style hairstyles for men with long hair. Simply wear the hair as it has grown, without great styling or too much effort in terms of styling products and Co. Can look good, right?

Fringe – a classic for wavy hair

With this look, you wear the hair longer and let it fall forward in the face. Where you can then actually wear them in the middle of the face or just by a corresponding wax a little in shape. The Fringe may be a little too much in the summer, but only at first sight! To prevent too much heat and heat on the head, ask your hairdresser to cut your hair a little shorter, or thin your hairstyle a bit.

Fringe hair is simply dropped as it grows. It is advisable to use styling products that have a matte effect and do not start to “melt” if too much heat is applied. Nevertheless, you should wear the style as relaxed as possible. Say, do not use heavy, strong styling products. Less is more here, because especially in the summer one would like to drive through his hair from time to time.

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Wavy Hair - So you wear and care for it as a man best

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