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Types of Fade Haircuts

Fade haircuts are one of the most popular and easiest hairstyle trends for men. They are everywhere because every color, length or hairstyle can be added to a fade. Fades are also a good looking, low maintenance cut that does not include hairdressing visits for maintenance.

A fade takes the hair from short to shorter. The three main types of faded haircuts are low, medium and high faded. This refers to how high the transition is on the head.

Burst-Fades and Temple-Fades cover a smaller part of the head but have a lot of influence. Bald fading can be one of the above and shave hair down to the skin.

Look at these pictures for all kinds of faded haircuts. Combine different types of fade with different hairstyles to create your own unique look.

1. Low fade + hair design

Types of Fade Haircuts

Mateus Marques

This fade brings up the hairline around the whole centimeter. A few slashes behind the ear draw even more attention to this fuzzy fading.

2nd overall cut + line up + low fade

Types of Fade Haircuts

Nathanael David

The Buzz Cut and Fade is a popular combination that can be worn in different ways. A blurred, low fade in the back contrasts the defined line on the forehead.

3. Little bald fading

Types of Fade Haircuts

Pat Regan

The low fade is also a cool addition to longer men’s hairstyles. This fading is about as low as it gets.

4th side haircut

Types of Fade Haircuts

Alisson Mota

This side panel haircut is a flattering and popular style that can have tapered or faded sides. As the name implies, the medium Fade is somewhere between the low and high fade. Many middle fades are also drop-fades that follow the hairline behind the ear.

5. Mid fade haircut

Types of Fade Haircuts

Timothy Ormsby

Instead of falling, this middle bald fade follows a line around the head below the crown.

6. Crop Haircut + Medium Fade

Types of Fade Haircuts

Wes Staucet

This trend haircut with a medium fade is a stylish and easy to wear option for guys with thick and wavy hair.

7. Pompadour fading

Types of Fade Haircuts

Josh O’Meara-Patel

A high fade is a flattering and neat addition to any hairstyle. It can also serve as a canvas for a simple or complex hair design.

8. High Bald Fade Haircut

Types of Fade Haircuts

Majestic barber

With this short buzz cut, the fade has to hit the skin quickly. The high fade continues the band defined hairline.

9. Comb over fading

Types of Fade Haircuts

John Carmona

With longer hairs at the top, high fades create dramatic hairstyling separation as this high volume combs over .

10. High Fade Haircut

Types of Fade Haircuts

Woodies Barbershop

High fades fall behind the crown to work with the hair. Each fade is different because it is adapted to hair and head.

11. Burst Fade haircut

Types of Fade Haircuts

Diego Elizarras

The burst fade looks like a sun bursting behind your ear. A few shaved lines add to the effect.

12. Pomp Fade

Types of Fade Haircuts

Miguel Rocha

A burst behind the ear fade away this pomp fades apart from the rest.

13. Burst fade Mohawk

Types of Fade Haircuts

Kaleb Porter

Burst faded sides can create a mohawk silhouette for short and long or straight and curly hair.

14. Bald Drop Fade

Types of Fade Haircuts

Travis Hill

This fresh fade cuts the side short and falls behind the ear to follow the hairline on the back.

15. Drop Fade Haircut

Types of Fade Haircuts

Julius Cvesar

The transition allows a dramatic side view, even if you have no ink.

16. Low drop fade

Types of Fade Haircuts

Javi the barber

All low fades are drop fades because they follow the hairline.

17. Buzz + fast fading

Types of Fade Haircuts

Pat Regan

Champion boxer Danny “Swift Garcia prepares for success in and out of the ring with this clean buzz and faded sideburns.

18th Buzz Cut + Lineup + Temple Fade

Types of Fade Haircuts

Angel Raws

The temple fading has a big impact on such a small area. Like a line up, the Temple Fade adapts and enhances the hairline.

19. Sideburn fade + beard

Types of Fade Haircuts

JM da Barbier

These temples fade the beard off a short buzz cut.

20. Thrown Back Hair + Low Soon Fade

Types of Fade Haircuts

Rum barber

This medium-length side panel haircut has three different hair lengths that create visual layers.

21. Soon fade haircut


Bald Fades are a kind of fade that goes over the skin. Any type of fade can be a skin bleaching, including low, medium height, dripping, temples and bursting.

22. Hide the skin

Types of Fade Haircuts

Josh O’Meara-Patel

Bald skins look good on everyone, but stand out with dark hairs of fair skin. Wear a skin fade with long hair on top for no maintenance sides.

Types of Fade Haircuts

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