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Trendy hairstyles for the summer of 2019

Men’s hairstyles are always a topic here at men ‘s style – so why not trendy hairstyles for the summer of 2017? Inspired by my last hairdresser visit, I thought it was time again to take a look at the trends of the summer.

Because one thing is clear, to find the right hair style, which fits in one, looks good and is still easy to clean and easy to style, can be quite a challenge. Therefore, I would like to help at least to make the selection of trendy hairstyles for the summer of 2017 a little easier. Some of the hairstyles are certainly familiar to you, as I may have already mentioned in one of the previous posts on current trend hairstyles – in such a case, of course, I link to this.

Short & Choppy / Crew Cut

Trendy hairstyles for the summer of 2019

Photo by Jurica Koletic on Unsplash

The Short & Choppy, or Crew Cut, is one of the most popular short hairstyles for adult men. It’s quick to cut, easy to wear and still looks great. The side hair is worn here shorter than the upper hair, which is just a little longer worn in the front area. This results in simple styling options through the use of a little gel or hair wax.

However, it should be mentioned that it is important to make the transition from side to upper hair fluid. Otherwise, the crew cut looks anything but casual. Even for thicker hair, the cut is rather unsuitable for later styling, because the hair can not be properly shaped. I already introduced the Short & Choppy in detail in this post .

Au Natural / Long Layered Cut

Trendy hairstyles for the summer of 2019

Photo by David Fanuel on Unsplash

Long haircuts are becoming increasingly popular. At least for the men who have long hairstyles. Unfortunately, I do not belong here, my hair is a little too strong and does not fall naturally, but just look confused. Therefore, absolutely no option. If you do not have any problems, you should try to wear your hair a bit longer.

In the case of the long layered cut, which can definitely be regarded as a thinned-out variant of the au natural style , one wears the hair long. These are not excessively styled or shaped. It just takes care that they do not have too much volume. Otherwise, they are simply worn as they are grown, without great styling – just Au Natural.

Side Part

Trendy hairstyles for the summer of 2019

Photo by Fábio Scaletta on Unsplash

I already had the side part in the version as a long sidepart as well as a modern sidepart here in the blog. And even with the trendy hairstyles for the summer of 2017, this again plays a role. This time a bit similar to the classic version.

This haircut is worn by both men and their kids, one side of the hair is longer than the other and is combed away from the hairline. So much is already known from the aforementioned variants. To make the style a little more modern, some hairdressers go about shaving a fine line between long and short hair. As a result, the cut looks a bit more masculine, defined and modern.

Natural Curls

Trendy hairstyles for the summer of 2019

Photo by César Rincón on Unsplash

If you have natural, curly hair, 2018 is the best way to deal with it, by letting it grow a bit and not cutting off the curls directly when you see them. Of course, this styling is problematic for men without natural curls. For that you have (n) without natural curls other, stylish hairstyles to choose from. As an alternative to the Natural Curls, there are still the Textured Curls , which I have presented in this article.


Trendy hairstyles for the summer of 2019

Icon Image | Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

The Pompadour is worn short on the sides and on the back, rather long in the front. The hair on the head are being blown – from the front to the back, in order to bring the front into shape with a small round brush and the hair dryer. If it just does not hold by blow drying, you should put on a little hair wax to style the hairstyle. How to style the pompadour in detail and what he has in common with the quiff , you will learn in this post .

The Bun / Samurai Knot

Trendy hairstyles for the summer of 2019

Photo by russn_fckr on Unsplash

The Bun or Samurai Knot is certainly the hairstyle that you can style the best as a man with long hair. Almost, the crew cut the long hair. Long hair and a hair tie are basic requirements, you really do not need more. Maybe a little tact in styling, but that is a matter of practice. Who likes wearing a full beard – much masculine is not, right?

Fade Cut / Buzzed Skin Fades

Trendy hairstyles for the summer of 2019

Photo by Hai Phung on Unsplash

Since we had a low-maintenance style for long-haired hairstyles, I would like to add one more for short hairstyles. And in short, this is really short. Because the hair is worn very shaved. So that almost only a kind of hair shadow is available on the sides, in conjunction with a little more upper hair. Do not look bad, provided you can wear it. The style does not fit any face shape, and it does not look so good, especially with rather angular faces.

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Trendy hairstyles for the summer of 2019

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