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Top 10 Best Hairdressers in Los Angeles

Whether you’re a newcomer, a visitor or a Los Angeles native, you want to do your best. Here are the best Hairdressers in Los Angeles based on the number, rankings, and contents of Yelp Reviews. We do not count from the highest to the lowest, because all these businesses are all first class and very different in character, so read on to find the right one for you.

Screw Barbers

3.5 stars – 254 Reviews

People love or hate (and sometimes love to hate) Screw Barbers . They proudly fly a flag “People hate us on Yelp” and respond to negative reviews in kind. With three stores, including the LA Flagship, West Hollywood Monkey House (go to Richie the Barber ) and Las Vegas Monkey Train There is a lot of love. They are known for precise cuts, “this is not a salon,” vintage games, and ice-cold root beer. Bolt is also later open than most barbers and has a vintage mobile shop for parties.

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Bolt Barbers is a modern twist on old-school barbershops … The barbershop is nice and has all the things most men want / need to be comfortable with their hairstyle. They have shuffleboard, free drinks, a variety of magazines (they even have some with only pictures for those who find words complicated), good music and interesting, lively people to talk to.

I recommend Bolt Barbers. It’s a really cool place full of very friendly people who know how to make a good haircut. Ernesto A.

I always plan my hairstyle with Phil on Saturday or Sunday morning. A few advantages to do this:

1. Fresh cup of coffee when entering.
2. Phil’s chair faces a 60-inch television … Football / basketball game always on Saturday / Sunday morning
3. It’s a little less crowded than when I go in during the week.

In general, this place is one of the coolest barber shops I’ve ever been to. Phil cuts hair very well, and he’s a cool guy. I wondered if I should give him only 4 stars instead of 5, just because it is a bit expensive at $ 30 / cut. But I seriously think it’s worth the experience. In addition, you get a rapid neck shave after and you have done this massage machines. It’s pretty great.

If you’re willing to spend the extra $ 10 on what you spend with a crappy barber, go to Bolt. Bryan P.

460 S Spring Street, Los Angeles – (213) 232-4715

Rudy’s barbershop

3.5 stars – 312 Reviews

The goal of Rudy’s Barbershop The founders Alex Calderwood, David Peterson and Wade Weigel were not only to create a barbershop , but also to create an experience. This is a place with atmosphere, art, music and community that also offers a great haircut at a great price, not just for men.

Since opening in 1993, Rudy’s has 18 locations in Seattle, Portland and New York, including 4 stores throughout Los Angeles. Most negative feedback relates to waiting times, which is the flip side of the popularity that comes with excellence.

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I have seen Rudy several times while looking for a good barber. I finally went to two other hair salons and was in Amelia’s chair. This is the best haircut I have ever had. No joke, I have thick, crazy hair and a very big beard, but she took her time and was a perfectionist with every papercut or razor shave. I highly recommend to Amelia and she is also a good company while she cuts! Cheers – Anthony D.

So yesterday I went to the hairdresser with my USUAL and FAVORITE stylist Kenny! He killed it again. My hipsterization process is renewed every 2 weeks. He is not only polite, but we also talk very well and his haircut techniques are legendary! Danny H.

4451 W Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles – (323) 661-6535

Baxter Finley Barber & Shop

4 stars – 109 Reviews

Baxter Finley is the Barber & Shop associated with the high quality Baxter of California care products for men. Go straight to the source for contemporary or classic styles or an ultra-close shave. Your rating will be affected by negative reviews about scheduling, hiring and customer service that seems to hit or hit you. One thing anyone can agree with is that the vintage decor is extraordinary.

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I recently changed the barber because my last hairdresser messed up my hair and I can not be happier with Victor at Baxter Finley! I’ve been using Baxter pomades for years, but recently learned about their business in West Hollywood and I’m glad I did.

Victor took the time to listen to me and to understand what I really wanted to do with my hair, and he adapted accordingly to the texture and style of my hair. He was so impressively precise and took a lot of time on my hair and I loved it!

The shop is very old school classic style with amazing decor! I always want to take a picture every time I come by and it’s super handy as I use Baxter products and grab a pomade every time I visit. Harout S.

Straight-up old-school barber with a modern edge. It all starts with the boys, and today I was disappointed to learn that a freshman was assigned to me on my walk.

I should not have worried. This kid was brilliant, broke off a classic undercut with absolute precision that was perfect for my head, and finished off with a razor-sharp neck shave.

On the way out, I grabbed a new pomade and will be back in four weeks to get my hair in the right direction. Glad I found this place, happy to come back for (hopefully) a long time. Bo S.

515 N. La Cienega Boulevard, West Hollywood – (310) 657-4726

The right barbershop

4 stars – 111 Reviews

The right thing combines the best of classic and modern in a masculine, laid-back and fun-loving atmosphere. Enjoy the lounge with a beer, an X-Box or a movie while you are waiting for your cut, razor or beard care. Like many hairdressers with a strong personality, the attitude and atmosphere appeals to some and repels others. Rent them for parties or to get everyone in great shape for weddings.

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This is an LA gem for big mens haircuts. Dapper, neat, everyone is super chilling and everyone takes their cuts seriously and no doubt you get what you pay for. Good mood and you go out and feel like a boss with the lubricated pomade. Mike, Kyle, Dylan, everyone is exemplary. David R.

There are a few things that people need to know before they come to the right place. There is a very different culture within the Proper that can distract some people. It’s definitely not typical. The barbers here are joking a lot. They play games, sit around and talk a lot. That being said, they somehow manage to do all of this while making perfect cuts 100% of the time. Sure, that may not be how “a business should be run”, but really … who cares? These guys are damned good at what they do, cut hair and trimmed beards, so they do not spoil you with sweet talk. Chris C.

This is a great place with a great atmosphere. The guys here really know what they are doing. They cut hair like I’ve never seen before. Regardless of whether you want to trim your beard or a nice fading, they do it best. Come here and expect to be treated nicely because all the boys have great attitudes. I will never go to another barber shop again. Emile A.

7950 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles – (323) 272-3287

Sweeney Todd’s Barber Shop

4 stars – 143 Reviews

Previously Andy’s barbershop, Sweeney Todd’s owner, Sween Lahman, restored the shop to its original fame of the 1950s. He also specializes in precision haircuts and shaving and is known for a retro soundtrack, including Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole. The room is also for after-hours bachelor evenings, complete with a projector and vintage stag movies.

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– GREAT haircut.
– Great atmosphere.
– attention to detail is in every way. Michael S.

I’ve heard that some people are in a hurry and can not take a few hours to do something, you know, relax.

Sweeney is not for you. Most guests go here not only for the cut, but also for the experience. People talk because … they are human. With personalities. The barbers are interested in the lives of their regular guests and vice versa. They are not hair-cutting robots and if they need a break, I will not begrudge them that.

They also take the time to cut their hair because … they are damn good at it. A good haircut should not take ten minutes. I can not tell you how many times I thought Rudy or Sweeney would be done cutting my hair just to take another look, decide something, be a little off the mark, put on the apron again, and even fade things out. Could he send me on a happy path and put another donkey in the seat and earn more money? For sure! But their attention to detail is what separates these people and why I keep coming back.

AE Also every cut is finished with a razor and a vibrating shoulder massage. I always feel great and someone inevitably asks me, “Who’s your barber?” I proudly tell them “Sweeney Todd’s”. Steve D.

4639 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles – (323) 667-9690

Shorty’s Barber Shop

4 stars – 158 Reviews

Known as the place where Adam Levine gets his haircut, Shorty’s Barber Shop is popular with celebrities like Daniel Craig, David Arquette and Henry Rollins, as well as lesser known Angelenos. This award-winning store and favorite LA hotel is an all-inclusive experience that caters to men and women for every hair structure and style.

The open garage has a cool and retro-influenced atmosphere with experienced and attentive hairdressers and stylists, whether you are a walk-in or make an appointment. They also have high-end product lines, including Shorty’s products , which make it easy to reproduce your fresh style at home.

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There is no other place in LA I trust my hair!

It’s that simple … I always go out there, happy with what they do. And if I ever have a question or concern about what a look looks like, the guys who make hair there are cool. They listen, make suggestions, and work with me to make sure I’m happy with the result.

Priced it is competitive with other places and I love the atmosphere of this place. There is no attitude waiting for you. I know that some people can be worried that someone else gets their hair cut every time, but I have to say, no matter which chair I sat on, they have always done a great job. K p.

Shorty’s has an incredible atmosphere, energy and staff. I was looking for a meticulous “on point” barber / stylist and Rick is the best. He listened, analyzed and spent a lot of time with my editing. They have a large selection of products and the hot clientele does not hurt! I ‘ll be back! Adam G.

Great atmosphere, cool mix of tattoo atmosphere and classic barber shop, excellent customer service and outstanding stylists. I have found the place to go from now on. Bri Y.

755 N Fairfax Ave West, Hollywood – (323) 297-0554

Jag’s Barbershop

5 stars – 84 Reviews

JAG His mission is to combine old-fashioned barbers, razor razors and classic cuts with modern styles and the highest levels of customer service. Haircuts are finished with a shaving shave and a machine massage. They take appointments and walk-ins and offer 20% off for firefighters and police.

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George and his team have nailed the experience of barber shop. The store is a bit of a throwback. Super clean, classic decor and first class barbers / stylists. I am fortunate enough to get together with George every two weeks or so. I’ll even get my sons to a new cut when they’re due.

If you are looking for a professional cut / style, great experience and good conversation, this is your place. Daniel S.

The highlights:
– Friendly, dedicated staff
– attention to detail
– Definitive Bang for your $
– All the entertainment you might need during your haircut – Mark V.

A perfect shave. My beard went from vacation to busy day. The time was taken with the razor and the straight blade to do the job properly. I will be back at Jag every few weeks. Michael H.

6233 W 87th St., Los Angeles – (310) 337-1617

Old Glory Hair Salon & Tattoo

4.5 stars – 98 Reviews

Temporary haircuts and permanent tattoos, finally together. Old Glory is a refreshing barbershop with the attitude that can be found elsewhere (maybe it’s the Venice Beach location). Barber David Martinez gets the most reviews in reviews, but all the hairdressers are excellent and shave and sculpt your hair and beard to perfection. Carey Hart , Brasilianischer Profisurfer Gabriel Medina und Green Day’s Mike Dirnt . Old Glory is also a celebrity spot frequented by mixed-martial artists Conor McGregor , model, professional skateboarder and tattooist Jimmy Q , retired freestyle motocross, motorcycle racer and current off-road racer Carey Hart , Brazilian professional surfer Gabriel Medina and Green Day’s Mike Dirnt .

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After visiting Old Glory last year, it’s hard to imagine going anywhere else. The place looks good, the atmosphere is cool and relaxed, but friendly, and they even offer a beer while you wait! But the best thing about Old Glory is Barber Dave – talk about a guy with some skills. Every time Dave cuts my hair, I’m satisfied and ready. to. His. seen! With a great personality and an incredible eye for detail, this guy is definitely worth a hunt. Carsten D.

All in all, a great place and I would highly recommend people looking for a down to earth place to have a high quality cut and / or a shave and have a great time in this process.

There have been a few changes to Old Glory and these changes are for the better. Yes, the mood is great, it’s a neighborhood, open and inviting to anyone who comes in the door, but it definitely does not have a local feel.

So, the haircut is $ 30, and I feel like I’m damned better every time I get through than the chain bar shops, which will take you up and down in less than 30 minutes. Yes, it’s a hair salon in Venice, and it feels like it, but it’s a clean place with free beer, great conversations, and great barbers.

Was not it? Try it. Was not there for a long time ?? Try it again.

I do not work for them or have a close relationship with the shop, just believe in how good I look every time I go. Chris T.

1716 Main St, Venice – (855) 554-5679

Vinny’s Barber Shop

5 stars – 95 Reviews

Vinny is your classic barbershop with 6 chairs, vintage decor and a fun, sometimes loud atmosphere. But it’s not just about having fun. The place is clean and staffed with impeccable professionals who can cut, style and shave all sorts of hair. Enjoy the Robohands shoulder massage that comes with every cut.

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That’s it. I found the best hair salon in the world. This place was made in perfection. Omar (the owner) did a great job of putting together a great team and environment for men to hang out, talk and be neat. Playing with Johnny Cash in the background, and the free beers and whiskey flowing, you’ll look good in no time.

Vinny’s is in good shape and is very clean. Even when I went to the bathroom, I was amazed that a place that is 95% visited by men was so damn clean. Nareg K.

Your sign reads “Fast Haircut? Yes, real buddy “

They take this art very seriously and it turns out, from the cuts to the atmosphere.

Angel even freshened me up before I left his chair and gave me some tips on how to style my stubborn hair. Justin K.

If I could give these guys 10 stars, that would not be enough!

All I have to say is that the level of attention and customer service goes far beyond my first impression of Vinny. These people really go the extra mile to make sure that you are not only happy as a customer, but make sure that you have an excellent experience. It has never been my style to tickle any establishment, but if you are not here to get a haircut, you will miss a lot. Dean Y. with 21 check-ins

852 N Virgil Ave, Los Angeles – (323) 426-9536

Hector the barber

5 stars – 125 Reviews

If you find a hairdresser with 5 star ratings and no social media presence, you know he is good. Hector the Barber has no website, Facebook page or Instagram account, but he has led the LA barber list on Yelp for years.

A bit of a different listing, that’s for Hector the barber himself.

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Everyone here gives a 5 star rating … and for a good reason. Hector is professional and very thorough. You can say that he is proud of what he does. No matter how many people wait in line, you can be sure he’ll take the time to give you a great cut. Thanks, Hector. Add me to your list of repeat customers! Miguel V.

Those of you who want the perfect “MAD MEN” haircut or bleach clean, trust me Hector is by far the BEST in LA! As a bonus you get a happy ending … come on something I mean! Gustavo G.

Hector gives the best haircuts in the world. He is the hair wonder on Vermont. I came back from the mission with a ragged look and he turned me into a real gentleman. The massage after every haircut is priceless. He is quite cheap for the quality and level of service he offers. I recommend it to anyone who wants a great haircut. Amar E.

Trojan Barber Shop 2716 S Vermont Avenue, Suite 2, Los Angeles – (323) 731-3049

Top 10 Best Hairdressers in Los Angeles

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