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Top 10 Best Hairdressers in Denver

Denver is home to all the flavors of barber shops and then some. There are classic shops, hipster joints and salons for men. What really stands out is the personalities behind the shops. There’s Chuck, the over 90-year-old barber; Norine, the energy behind Chopz; and Semion, a 4th generation hairdresser from the former Soviet Union, who created a barbershop for all. Each of these hairdressing salons cuts big hair but they have different prices, menus and atmospheres. It’s about finding the right one for you.

This top 10 list is based on a combination of Yelp Ranking and Awards. It is not a definitive list of Denver hairdressers. A few higher rated hairdressers include Wise Guys , Tried and true Barbershop , O’Briens Tonsorial Parlor , BC Barber Company , Piper’s Living Room , and The Usual Barbershop .

Now for the Top 10 Denver Hairdressing Salons:

10. Alfani’s Barbershop

4.5 stars – 47 Reviews

Enjoy the classic atmosphere at Alfani’s Barbershop with friendly service and expert advice. Alfani’s offers a range of services from cut and color to line ups and necklines. You can do anything from a short fade to a mohawk or leopard hair color. Look for her scissors mustache logo.

Top 10 Best Hairdressers in Denver

Very gentle, cozy old-school shop. Very friendly and very hardworking for a good cut. Success – my wife says it’s the best haircut she has seen in my life! Highly recommended if you are looking for a good barber. – Josh C.

1240 E Colfax Ave. (720) 379-6471

9. Al’s Barber Shop

4.5 stars – 53 Reviews

Al’s Barber Shop is a no-frills joint with locations in Larimer Square and Boulder. While walk-ins are welcome, they can not always be accommodated. Count on friendly service and expert cuts.

Top 10 Best Hairdressers in Denver

I’ve been coming to Al’s Barber Shop for almost 5 years now and it’s the only place I’m ever satisfied with my hairstyle …
The thing that distinguishes this place is that they really know what they are doing. They listen to what you want and above all they tell you if it does not work with your head / face shape and can give you suggestions that work better. They also cut your hair so that it looks good on the first day and grows properly, which saves me from having to trims or endure the mullet that inevitably causes my hair.
Bonus: Razor in the neck with warm shaving cream and then a hot towel. This place is the best. – Sam S.

1425 Larimer St. | 303-534-1583

8. Chuck’s Barber Shop

5 stars – 39 Reviews

In business since 1963, Feed has been cutting hair for over 50 years. He and his co-sisters Dan Lee still give this classic service with friendly banter, a razor-sharp neck shave and a vibrating shoulder massage. Only cash, of course.

Top 10 Best Hairdressers in Denver

As with other reviews, Chuck is what a haircut should be, old school to the bone! It’s not about speed, but about the love of detail, which is missing in the Ausstechorten. The razor-sharp neck shaving, the scalp massage, the talcum powder brush, everything is there. When I’m back in town, I’ll be back! – Mike H.

4026 Tennyson St. | 303-455-0594

7. GQ Barber Lounge

4.5 stars – 55 Reviews

The GQ Barber Lounge It’s not a hair salon, it’s a “upscale mens hair salon”. It is for people who want to look good and are willing to pay for it. They may not be cheap, but they are safe. The Performance Cut rings in a $ 42, but you get a consultation, massage, hot towel, shampoo and conditioner, cut, style, and hot foam neck shave as well as free neck trims between the cuts. For $ 26 more, the Full Service Performance Cut does it all plus an express facial and manicure. If you need something more, they also do hair color, gray coverage and scalp treatments for a number of problems.

Top 10 Best Hairdressers in Denver

Amazing business in every way. To say GQ Barber Lounge is a top-tier shop is an understatement … I could write a book about why I love this place. But I will make it short and sweet.
I asked for a bald fading. Most people understand that this is the hardest cut there is … [A] II can tell she nailed it! Nuff said.
Nice people. Good service. Good place.
This is what we need to see more in the barber’s fast-growing world.
I recommend GQ Barber Lounge to all men who are looking for a high-end experience without any gadgets. Quality. – Elias M. , National Educator / Male Haircut Specialist

1605 17th St. | 303-991-1010

6th Salon Joa

5 stars – 104 Reviews

Salon Joa is a full-service day spa that also offers cuts for women and men. The price range is between $ 25.00 and $ 35.00 based on the length. Stay clean between cuts with a reasonable price listing or neck cleaning. If you opt for the shaved look, they also offer a razor-sharp head shave. They are also experts in Asian hair.

Top 10 Best Hairdressers in Denver

Hoa is the best barber in town and at a reasonable price, which is hard to find nowadays. Always a great cut and experience. He followed him for a few years and now has his own place, which is well deserved. He and his wife have a fantastic setup and a lot of atmosphere. Would give 6 stars if I could. – Keith F.

Overall a fantastic place. I really like to make a man’s cut better here than some other higher “men” places (even those that give you free beer). They are very accommodating, fast, use scissors and layer the hair so that it looks good, rather than using the scissors everywhere, which looks so much better the longer it gets. I would honestly pay more than they demand and have always done before for the quality of the work. – Alex W.

7155 E. Colfax Ave. | 303-284-9535

5. Ollie’s Barbershop

4.5 stars – 15 Reviews

Once a retro two chair shop , Ollie’s barbershop has moved and got bigger and better. It is still a classic shop with fresh cuts and shaving. If you have a beard, you benefit from the basic beard trim that comes with a haircut. As in all the old school shops, it’s just cash, but make an appointment.

Top 10 Best Hairdressers in Denver

I would highly recommend this hotel if you are cool with a lower budget and cool relaxed barbers. I’ve rejuvenated my neck, which in my opinion no stylist / hairdresser has recommended, but he looks good. These guys seem a lot better than an average stylist on a chain. Cash only, but better quality than what you would get in a place like Floyd. Also a cool environment that mixes old school barber with a hipster vibe. I felt hipper when I walked down the square! – Brian S.

616 E. Kentucky Ave. | 720-326-6608

4. Leetsdale Barber

5 stars – 41 reviews

Leetsdale Barber Shop is the real deal, an old school barbershop with experienced professionals. The decor is vintage wood and it’s a great place to just relax, watch a game or interact with the hairdressers. The hairdressers are older, but have the experience and know-how for all modern styles. Like all classic hair salons, it’s walk-ins and just cash. In addition to cuts, they offer shaves, beards, facials, tonic and scalp massages and shoe shine.

Top 10 Best Hairdressers in Denver

Great classic neighborhood shop. Took the guys here for fades and hot shaves. No appointments made – just come in. If you need a frivolous know-how or fade, then these are your people. – Lisa P.

One of the last remaining classic barber shops in Denver. Everyone here is a classically trained barber, not just any dropout to work at Super Cuts. The place has a real nostalgic atmosphere with all the original decor from the 50s to the 60s. All barbers are incredibly polite and the place is very welcome for new people (like me). I’ve only been there 4 times now, but very excited, soon for my next cut and beard trim. – Peter R.

600 St. Holly St. | 303-388-0454

3rd Chopz men’s salon

5 stars – 11 ratings

Chopz Men’s Salon has everything a man needs to be groomed. In addition to hairstyles and color, they offer wax and massages. While there are not many Yelp reviews, Chopz is a repeat A-list winner and Denver favorite.

Top 10 Best Hairdressers in Denver

Norine is great. I always feel comfortable with their decisions. She knows hair and men care. CHOPZ is not fancy. it is very casual. Almost like hanging out in a friend’s room. No attitude. if, as someone pointed out, it’s funky … I say bring the radio. – Geoff G.

605 Grant St. | 303-863-9900

2. Right barbershop

4.5 stars – 103 Reviews

Top 10 Best Hairdressers in Denver

With the slogan “Grooming for the good good” Right Barbershop combines the best of old and modern barber shops. There’s the usual service menu with haircuts and shave, lots of skirmishes and vintage playboys plus drinks and loud tunes. Take advantage of the free maintenance between the cuts.

I have visited this business many times since they opened, and have always been treated with great customer service, good music, good entertainment and above all great hairstyles … Proper has the feel of the community of an old barber that has grown. You can enjoy it and not afraid to have to do it. What I say is. Not just a place to get a haircut. It’s a place to visit and shoot the shit, laugh and relax while cutting your hair. It may not be for everyone and that suits me well … – Jason T.

3923 Tennyson St. | 303-303-862-7537

1st Semion Barbershop for everyone

4.5 stars – 119 Reviews

Semion Barbershop For All is a full-service barbershop, which in addition to the usual menu, also offers color and brow waxing as well as haircuts for long hair. A cut is $ 23 and even cheaper for teens and kids. Semion is a fourth-generation barber from the former Soviet Union who has cut his chops home to Astor New York City and Floyd’s Denver before opening his own shop where he finds all the best practices of his barbershop experience , Semion’s lasts up to 4 days in advance.

Top 10 Best Hairdressers in Denver

I’ve been cutting my hair with Semion for 13 years! Not only is he a really great guy, but he and all his staff do an incredible job of haircutting. I come from his facility and look so fresh and so clean every time!
You can not afford to look good, and I can guarantee you’ll look better than ever before after Semion and his staff let their magic work on you!
In addition to the high quality of the haircuts, the atmosphere is very cool and modern, as well as really affordable prices all around!
I am a lifelong customer and would recommend this joint to everyone !!!! – Sharod D.

507 Lincoln St. # 102 | 303-284-8954

Top 10 Best Hairdressers in Denver

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