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The wet shave – the difference is in the detail

To the differences between wet and dry shaving was already detailed in “1 × 1 the shave – shave properly, so it works!” – Guide received. To underscore is in favor of the result of a wet shave, but that only the interaction of all essential points leads to their exact effect.

Anyone who does not pay close attention to all of this will not get any fine results, so it might be advisable to take a dry shave . If so, because – information here is everything and basis of the convincing effect. A steady hand and no time pressure are always a requirement, especially during the practice or conversion phase.
The wet shave - the difference is in the detail

The right procedure step by step

Should be started with a ritual of extensive soaking the whiskers. They are thus refined to approach and the skin pores open. Even warm water is basically sufficient, but never here can be resorted to cold – the effect would be the opposite! Anyone who has previously applied creams or other residues, such as soap, booked, must begin with a basic cleansing of the face. Because these residues lie like a film over the beard hair and prevent the action of the warm water.

One should get used to using a warm damp cloth. A slight reddening of the face is desired and testifies to the optimal effect. Only then are lotions or foam to be used: this sequence not only ensures gentle shaving, but longevity of the razor blades. They are claimed much less after compliance with the previously mentioned points.

Some adore shaving cream: Shaving cream or soap, traditionally applied with a brush, is sort of a cult of wet shaving. Here reference is made to individual feelings of the user and not generally a product that appears as a foam, awarded inferior effect. Nevertheless, there are many voices that assume a generally lesser result – this question can and should in my opinion be reserved for the individual. A recommended prop is a bowl with a handle – for those who touch the foam itself with creams: with slippery fingertips you would not get the mixture without such a handle.

For traditionalists: cream and brush

The two alternatives to foam from the can are in the shaving cream and shaving soap. The former is easier to use. In advance, the shell is warmed up with hot water and this is then poured into the sink and continue to use. Then push about three inches of shaving cream into the shell.

Add only three teaspoons of warm water, which should not be hot to get the right consistency. Be sure to use a dry brush to apply, so that no additional moisture will dilute the result! Only by the movement of the brush does the foam develop – merely keeping it in does not help. It should be stirred for about a minute. At the exact dose required to approach only by exercise.

There is a second option that should rather be applied to me by experienced people: You simply place a Kloss of shaving cream in the face, which is about one and a half inches tall. With a soft brush can be generated by rotating movements of the foam. This is less complicated and faster. The same could theoretically be achieved in the palm of the hand. Anyone who uses wet shaving in the long run will find out the more popular route for themselves.

At this point you have to know: A preheated facial skin remains quasi “conserved”, if the foam also has its heat. The achievement of this effect is essential to get used to. Now you have to take into account, so to speak, a contact time – three minutes waiting and even the unruly hair is soft! It can then observe a true swelling. This procedure may sound a bit fussy – but the principle applies: what was done wrong can not be made up for later on.

The shaving process

The type, manner and success of the right process are mainly decided by the utensil used. It should be remembered that the preparatory steps contribute to blade durability, efficiency and impact – whatever the choice has been. It is always important to remember that only the durability of a blade defines the price. Of course, high-quality products simplify the entire process and should always be the cheaper option in the long term. Here, even with certain limits, the shaving angle is automatically corrected.

However, every man will, one day or the other, engage in high promises for the price of sledding – an experiment in this regard may also take place. Just be careful with the cheapest disposable razors: where the material is so thin that it bends quickly, you carry far higher risk of injury.
The wet shave - the difference is in the detail

Tip for newcomers: the so-called “razor”

What can be bought with a higher price for top-of-the-line equipment can be compensated for with a little more time spent on it, and you get next to success and security – another good: experience and a pronounced instinct. Incidentally, the specific name of these utensils is “razor blade razors”. Trying out can not be a disadvantage.

The right technique for wet shaving

The skin is stretched during the right process with your fingers so far that raise the hairs. Typically, the direction of growth is down – but you can never give anatomical conditions a hundred percent correctness. So everyone should also pay attention to their own requirements for a moment.

If you pull the skin upwards with the beards going down, exactly that fine but significant effect occurs: the hairs straighten up and wait to be planed down to the exit point. Everything else, on the other hand, looks more like “combating symptoms”: it is not a radical act due to the previous softening, but the tightening of the skin causes smoothness. Only in this way does the skin surface correspond to a plane surface that is as flat as possible.

You can also work at certain points with a tension of the facial muscles themselves. In this way, light, gentle touches in the direction of growth, so “with the stroke”, without any pressure from sufficient. Here lies the art that pays all the preparations that may have been considered laborious. The counterpart of this practice, to compensate for bad blades or lack of preparatory work with greater pressure, is the “most popular” major mistake in the man’s shave.

In between, it is important to rinse the blade again and again. When the first pass is completed, the face is covered again with the cream and the second pass can begin. Now goes to the detail, the fine difference: It is now working against the growth direction. Here, the importance of stretching the skin is to be recalled once again. Maybe beginners should rather ignore this process at first and only slow down to shaving “with the bar”. Only practice makes perfect!

Ritual at the end

The colder the water for rinsing, the better for the skin. The pores close and do not remain so exposed to the environmental influences. It should not be pressed too hard when drying, but also gently and especially with sterile towels as possible. The sensitive facial skin takes everything after the right shaving everything worse than usual!

Sterilization by after-shave

Even if many do not consistently implement it: For beginners, the after-shave is inevitable. But it is advisable for everyone, since bacteria are almost always present on the skin and they love to take the chance of getting in the shave.

The use of the after-shave kills bacteria and prevents inflammation. Those who notice a reddening of the face for too long or feel the burning sensation too strong should not be guilty of disinfection: the reason for this is usually a lack of tension on the skin or too much pressure on the blade. Finally, you should still use good skin cream for the face.

For more information on shaving, you can also find shaving in a 1 × 1 shave – that’s the way it works! , Otherwise, I am pleased as always about your opinion or on the subject of wet shaving, another article on dry shaving can be found here .

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The wet shave - the difference is in the detail

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