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The undercut for men in view – including styling tips

Although the “undercut” for men has now reached the mainstream and therefore long since “out”, he is still very much supported. Because for many it combines the simplicity of a man’s hairstyle, with the look and style of a bygone era. In the 50s, he is the first time properly mentioned.

Originally coming from the military (the sides shaved off, leaving as much as possible at the top), the children were already carrying him back then. Later he was taken up again by the Gothic scene, adapted and exaggerated. Today we are spoiled for choice. For that reason, I’ll take a closer look at the undercut men below. Go down to the story and give styling tips of the Undercut gentlemen.

The history of undercuts men

James Dean, the icon of an entire generation, did not wear a classic undercut in the true sense, but the look was quite similar. The sides applied close to the head, the upper part of the hair emphasizes longer. Elvis Presley exaggerated this look with his “great” . In the early 70s Jare lost the undercut again in importance. Men now wore a great head of hair, gladly also with perm. Our football icons can sing a song of it.

The undercut for men in view - including styling tips

In the 80s, one saw more and more frequently the undercut appear. Especially in the US, the undercut was often found in the hip-hop genre and was initially worn by many colored people, for example, “MC Hammer”, “Will Smith” or “Run DMC”. In Europe, he became increasingly popular in the 90s with the emerging techno scene. However, the undercut did not make the leap into the mainstream until after more than 50 years.

The undercut today

Today one sees the undercut actually in each society group in stronger or weaker pronounced forms again. It can be worn very differently, with the upper hair to the front, to the back or to the side, according to your own style. Personally, I carry it back because I like the similarity to the look of James Dean, but everyone has to know that for themselves.

I also want an undercut! – What is important?

If you also want to have an undercut, please note the following points:

  • There are enough pictures on the internet about the “Undercut”. Choose your desired hairstyle, print it out and show it to your hairdresser. Also important are pictures of the pages, because the transition from short to long is one of the crucial points!
  • Become aware of how you would like to wear your undercut. Backwards, forwards, or rather with side parting? Depending on your hair also need a certain length!
  • Ask friends if this hairstyle really suits you, because the whole style of a man is also communicated through his hairstyle. It should not bite here!

Undercut men – volume is trumps here

Earlier it was said:

“Short at the front and long at the back”. – Today it says “short on the sides and long on the top”

The undercut men is characterized by the fact that there is a contrast between the “narrow” sides and the voluminous “upper hair”. Not everyone naturally has full, strong and voluminous hair. Because the hair length exceeds a certain extent, the hair does not stand by itself and are flattened by its own weight. Of course you could shorten the upper hair, so that the hair is on its own again, or you use modern styling products to counteract this effect.

Styling for the undercut – style undercut that’s how it works

The undercut for men in view - including styling tips

I am using AMERICAN CREW products, they have proven themselves in daily use and I am very satisfied with them, but any other “volume powder” or “light gel” from other manufacturers should be usable.

Used products for Undercut Men style:

Important for the perfect styling of the undercut are freshly washed hair. After washing you should dry the hair only briefly with a towel and then comb well.

The undercut for men in view - including styling tips

First of all we take care of the basis for a voluminous appearance of the hair. For this you should repeat the following step 2- 4x:

Pull a crest into your still damp hair, a crown and sprinkle a small amount of “Boost Powder” along the top of the scalp. Spread the powder on the scalp with one finger. This will make sure that your hair starts from the root, “repels” other hair and creates volume. I myself need three vertex applications (left, right, center) to get the best result. However, this can vary from user to user and hair type to hair type.

The undercut for men in view - including styling tips

As a second step I take the “Light Hold Styling Cream” and work it into the still damp hair. This later provides for a slight definition of the hair and keeps the volume of powder in check. Then we take the hair dryer and dry our hair at a low level. For this, we take strand by strand with our fingers and pull them in the direction in which they should fall later. Especially on the sides you should pay attention and always pull the strands to the middle, otherwise the hair in the dry state “break out” and fall off the side.

Finishing the undercut men

You should not dry your hair with the hair dryer until the end, but only bring it into shape. Run your hands through the hair and form a natural look together with the residual moisture. The residual moisture may then dry naturally. If you have been too generous with the bulk powder or want to have a little less volume, you can now again with a light wax to define the hair and remove volume.

The undercut for men in view - including styling tips

On hairspray I completely do without, since some strands may move quietly and if necessary, a short handle through the hair again everything right.

The best thing about the application and the products used is that they leave no visible traces and take effect for several days. So the volume is kept for 2-3 days and by the natural fats of your hair you get enough definition to be able to do without further products. I have been using this styling routine for over half a year now for my undercut and am thrilled.

The bulk powder and the associated work may seem a bit daunting at first, but once you get used to it and gain some experience, everything is easier to do than you think. Since then I only need about 5 minutes until my hair fits perfectly!

The undercut for men in view - including styling tips

If anyone was inspired by this article to try out this styling routine for themselves, I would appreciate it if you shared your experience with me in the comments! Otherwise you are welcome to use the “Like” button if you liked the article. The product used is the Lock Stock & Barrel Pucka Grooming Cream 60g.

The undercut for men in view - including styling tips
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On multiple request, here are some pictures of the rear view (better I do not have):

The undercut for men in view - including styling tips

Conclusion to the undercut for men and modern men: totally trendy!

As already mentioned, the undercut for men still enjoys great popularity today. This may be due to the fact that the hairstyle is comparatively easy to style. Furthermore, there are different ways for the Undercut men to cut these. So it depends, for example, whether you want to wear this with or without transition, whether you have receding hairline or not.

The various variants of the Undercut allow you to find exactly the one that suits you best. If you doubt a little, which is the best option for yourself, just ask your own hairdresser. This should be able to make a good assessment. I’m curious how you will implement your undercut.

If you are looking for more interesting hairstyles and hairstyles, then I would like to refer you to the hairstyle guide for men , which contains more interesting, stylish hairstyles for the modern man.

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The undercut for men in view - including styling tips

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