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The taper haircut

The taper haircut

2016 was the year of the downturn, but 2017 is the year of rejuvenation. The tapered haircut has clean lines that are cut with paper cut rather than cuts.

Some people call fades tapes, but that’s not correct. A fade goes from really short to shorter and often the skin.

A taper follows the shape of the head for short to medium-length hair. Some conical haircuts are tapered fades that combine the profile of a tapers with a fade on the neck.

Tapered hairstyles are classic looks that can be updated by the style at the top. Look at these pictures for 12 ways to wear a conical haircut.

1. Taper fade

The taper haircut

Rock Stars Barbers & Coffee

Some conical hair ends with a touch of fade on the neckline and sometimes sideburns.

2. Texture on Top + Taper

The taper haircut

Zach Ramsey

Tapers work with classic and modern men’s hairstyles. This cool look features trend texture at the top.

3. Slick Back + Sideburn fade

The taper haircut

Rum barber

It’s just about the details. A quick fade on the sideburns gives the classic Slickback a cool finishing touch.

4. Medium length taper haircut

The taper haircut

Ryan cuts hair

The back of a rejuvenated hairstyle is always short, but the top may be short or longer. This medium-length, lined style blends seamlessly into the taper on the back.

5th side pomp

The taper haircut

Musket and bayonet

The pomp is a classic gentleman’s cut that is worn today with endless variations. This version has the typical rejuvenation on the back, but stays fresh with a matte finish and a defined side panel.

6. Modern men’s hairstyles

The taper haircut

Ross Parlane hair salon

Some of the current men’s hair trends are updated versions of classic styles. This is a traditional sidepiece and rejuvenation with lots of volume to create a fresh new look.

7. Long up, short sides and back

The taper haircut

Javi the barber

This mid-length men’s hairstyle Seamless transition from longer hair on the top to the clean cut sides and back.

8. Tapered neckline

The taper haircut

Stephen J.

Similar to a fade, the taper can start high or low. This medium-length mens haircut keeps the hair longer to the neck, where a quick rejuvenation ensures a clean finish.

9. Structured beat back

The taper haircut

Underground Veria

A blow-back hairstyle is like a windy back. A low rejuvenation adds a clean cut edge to this textured cut and style.

10. Structured quiff + high taper

The taper haircut

Adam C.

Another way to rejuvenate is the high initial height on the head. This cut ends with a texture on the top and a hint of height from a quiff on the forehead.

11. Medium length wavy haircut

The taper haircut

Matt J.

The medium length slickback also looks good with wavy hair to add a natural texture. A low taper cuts the hairline short and neat.

12. Rounded neckline

The taper haircut

Nomad Barber LDN

With a lot of movement and flow, this cut for 2017 is in vogue. A taper cleans the edges with a round neckline for a soft finish.

The taper haircut

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The taper haircut

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