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The Quiff

The quiff, or as it is called in German so beautiful, the hair roll is probably one of the cult hairstyles, which prevails over the years again and again. Of course, the representative of the quiff is still Elvis, who coined this hairstyle. But just in 2015, the hairstyle is on the rise again and is worn by well-known personalities such as Chris Colfer, Nolan Gerard Funk and Bruno Mars.

However, one does not see the hair roll too often on the heads of men, this may surely be because the hairstyle is very distinctive, so that attracts attention and you look at it a little closer. If you do not like it that way, or you do not have the necessary self-confidence, you will not be able to afford such a hairstyle. In addition, the hairstyle naturally requires a certain hair length, that it can be styled without problems.

But the great thing about the Quiff is that it fits a wide range of head styles and personal styles, and is portable regardless of age. Among other things, this is possible through different styles of quiff, I present you three of these variants closer in today’s post. About a comment, which variant of the quiff you would wear, I am very happy! Other interesting hairstyles for men can be found on the previously linked overview page here on

The classic quiff

In contrast to the contemporary interpretation of the quiff, the classic comes with a little more length therefore. Thus, the classic hairstyle of the hair roller is appropriate length on the back and the sides. At the same time, however, a clean, sharp hairline should continue to exist.

With the length at the back and the sides you can vary as you like, but you have to make sure that they are always shorter than the hair on the top to get a certain interaction. At Quiff, you should always remember that the longer your hair is, the more time you will spend styling the hairstyle. But it is this long hair that your hairdresser needs to create the classic quiff.

It is important that the hair on the head is long enough to allow a smooth transition to the back and sides. Depending on your own hair density and length, the classic style may be different. Here is a try, or to be advised by his hairdresser accordingly.

The longer quiff

The longer quiff is based on the same basis as the classic, but everything is a little longer. So this variant is especially suitable for men who already wear their hair for a long time and do not want to part with it. So the cut is maintained and the ratio of top to back and the sides remains the same, but just everything is a little longer.

Acts in my personal opinion, quite well, and I would just sit in the summer rather on the classic quiff or the subsequent contemporary cut. Does not come quite so cluttered and you sweat certainly not so strong. But also try and then decide. Or what do you mean? +

The contemporary quiff

The contemporary quiff can probably be seen as a stark opposite to the classic, as well as longer version. So this variant puts on a sharp cut with slim lines, which comes directly to the point. The hair on the top remains long, on the back and sides are a lot shorter than in the other variants.

This makes the contemporary cut a bit more aggressive, with many styles today, the hair on the side are sometimes so short that you can see the scalp. It is true, the greater the contrast, the more the hairstyle becomes an eye-catcher.

Here it is necessary to keep the hair in the real great again long, everything else may, or must be shorter, to produce the effect of previously incorporated examples. Personally, if I had to choose among the three hairstyles, would I definitely choose the classic version and you?

The Quiff

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