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The neck taper

The neck taper

The Taper Fade is a cool and clean addition to any hairstyle. If you’re not into high fade, low fade, or hi-lo fade, neck rejuvenation may be the finishing touch. The detail is an important detail, because there is noticeable growing first. What this regrowth looks like depends on the type of detail.

1. Tapered neckline

The neck taper

Tommie McGuckin

The waisted neckline looks natural and looks the cleanest. This version cleans the sides of the cut, but fades the underside of the hairline.

2. How to Neck Taper

The neck taper

Wess Lane haircuts

While neck rejuvenation looks natural, it is the product of expert barber. Some artificial things are better than nature and the conical section is one of those things.

3. Blocked clipping

The neck taper

Josh Lamonaca

What does a cutout look like that is not rejuvenated? This clogged neckline shows fully defined hair and freshly shaved skin in a defined shape with a hint of V. It now looks good, but the effect is lessened as the hair regrows. If you opt for this type of neckline, often shave your neck or visit the hairdresser for touch-ups.

4. Natural neck rejuvenation

The neck taper

Connor Lange

There are a variety of ways to perform the conical section. This version does not form the natural neckline at all, but simply fades it on the skin.

5. Tapered neckline and sideburns

The neck taper

Fame or honor

The sideburns are another hairline that looks well rejuvenated. This low fade takes the neckline slightly higher for a cool, clean finish.

6. neck taper closeup

The neck taper

Jay’s Fades

If you take a closer look at the current trend of the tapered section, the fade in the middle is fanned out with defined edges.

7. Blurred fading

The neck taper

Gerry Barbier

If you look closely at a well-made fade, the result should be blurry as the hair tapers to the skin.

8. Long up, short sides and back

The neck taper

Mr. Liptrot

This cool long-top, short side and back cut makes for a cool shape with longer hair. It is essentially an undercut that fades the hair on the edge of the hairline.

9. Rounded section Fade

The neck taper

RM barber

This ultra-clean cut to a textured style on the top has a neck that fades towards the ears.

10. Straight neck taper

The neck taper

Aiden Smith

Another version of the neck thread is this just above cone, which completes a short textured cut.

11. Fast conicity

The neck taper

Josh Kneebone

This retro cut has a quick rejuvenation that dips short hair to the skin in less than half an inch.

12. Tapered neckline design

The neck taper

A cut above

The tapered neckline can be cut clean or a canvas for a small hair design like these 3 shaves lines.

13. V-cut neck rejuvenation

The neck taper


V-shaped hairlines are currently a hot trend. This is a more subtle version with a low crossfade and fine diagonal lines.

The neck taper

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The neck taper

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