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The most important razor accessories

It is always a matter of your own evaluation and preferences – what is “important”? The ultimate basic tool or perfection when it comes to your own body? When shaving, the question arises in every utensil.

In retrospect, you know it – only you would have to fight through the world of the strangest deals, interpret tons of small change and realize that one or the other was rather classified as a flop.

Here an overview reveals itself, where one’s own, individual valuations as such, objective really meaningful commodities for men’s shaving demarcated from it and respective alternatives are discussed.
The most important razor accessories

Basic equipment for shaving

The basic question is immediately after the first – already subjectively made – decision: electric razors or razor blades ? Of that depends in principle on the equipment. And here we have already reached the individual criteria. The decision between the two types of shaving has already been discussed in detail with regard to one’s own preferences. Please take a look at the previously linked articles.

Depending on which “basic device” one has decided on, the selection of care products and accessories remains open. The care products are divided into the pre-treatment of the face, the essence of the shave itself and subsequent disinfection and further care.

A pre-treatment is really important only in individual cases – apart from the washing with warm water, so that the pores open. A cleansing effect, however, does not apply to pure water – you can get a good impression by doing a cleaning of the ladies’ world reserved with cotton wool and tonic: Dark residues on the white ground can really shock.

It would be advisable to consult a cleaning emulsion during this washing process. These are mainly available in tubes and more hygienic than the traditional hand soap. Some brands even include a little exfoliation – any pimples will come off and are no longer a problem when shaving.

The shaving cream, soap or gel?

The shaving cream does not really depend on which type of shave you prefer – it’s just about all products suitable for both types. The only important thing is that an essence is used at all.

Nevertheless, electric razors are different to blades and there are certainly articles that can compensate for or supplement exactly these differences. Thus, a particularly smooth, softening property on sharp blades is probably more significant than the razor, which attributed less accurate effects. Trying out the brands and individual products often helps more than just reading advertising slogans on the packaging.

The choice between foam, gel and soap is only to be made personally. It’s a matter of taste. Therefore, in the case of uncertainty, one can use the yield, ie the cost question, as a distinguishing criterion. First of all, differences in fertility are the basis for stimulating discussions in some online portals.

The most important razor accessories
If you feel like it, you can read through the differences – the opinions and experiences are very different. Since nothing can be said here, perhaps the more comfortable shaving foam – after all, this already has that frothy consistency to refer to the sustainability aspect.

However, the conclusion lies in the knowledge that the choice between shaving cream, cream or shaving soap is not the criterion, but the respective product. Different products as well as their evaluation can be found here .

Ethics as an expression of purchase decisions

Ethical aspects are becoming more and more important as a key purchasing criterion – be it in nutrition or personal hygiene. Through his purchasing decisions, he also presents foresight, a sense of responsibility and a high level of knowledge about factual circumstances. Those who choose between environmentally harmful or non-animal products, these properties can also be included in the selection

Shaving foam in spray cans still indicates the presence of special environmental pollution in older semesters. Spray cans certainly contain tinplate and aluminum, but the previously used and actually harmful CFCs began to disappear in the 80s. The propellants of today are not harmless but less harmful. The effect is greatly attenuated and does not have to be considered a knock-out criterion.

Concerning pollutants in cosmetic products can be researched almost endlessly: Here are already hints of renowned experts in medicine to think about and the trend is clearly going as well as possible natural and animal-free productions. You should probably not use aluminum on the skin, for example in deodorants.

Here you can take your own views into account and really use comprehensive knowledge to make a purchase decision or not. It must be kept in mind that in the time of our approval of our current range of products, it was barely known that the skin, with regular use, would be able to transport the ingredients inside the body and that producers would not be interested in meaningful research. Clear advantages or disadvantages between shaving creams, soaps or shaving creams as such can not be substantiated seriously.

The most important razor accessories

The shaving brush for dry shaving

For which style of this commodity you decide is for the moment immaterial. The brush must be present anyway, if one chooses the dry shave – if only occasionally.

Anyone who is unsure what type will ultimately come to regular application, yes, with the purchase of prevent. As long as they are not used, they do not lose their usefulness.

Not necessary are “traditional” materials from long outdated technology, because shaving brush can now make much higher quality. He no longer has to insist on roof and horse hair or wild boar bristles and raises no more ethical questions.

The most important razor accessories
Anyone who thinks that the recovery of their hair would be a waste product of the productive animal anyway is mistaken in the first place. The synthetic products require less care, are durable and cheaper to buy. Even visually, they often have advantages, such as colored tips on. The intake of the water content depends on the specific product.

A selection of shaving brushes or shaving brush sets can be found here . You should definitely take the time to read the rating of other customers to find the right shaving brush for you.

Accessories – a must or perfection?

Considering how often one looks at and uses one’s utensils, style, comfort, and look are well justified, as well as the use of under-priced products.

Accessories, which already represent a visual enhancement of the bathroom, just as: holders, stands, trays and mirrors bring true luxury in the sanitary room and can be found in all price ranges.

The most important razor accessories

Certainly, these things are not important – but if you put them in relation to the benefits, reckon on anyone whose eye enjoys early in the morning on its symbiosis of utensils. Research suggests that one’s own quality of life is assessed as more positive than with the use of random standard products.

Yellowed toothbrush cups included, of course. Even in hardware stores there are already beautiful utensils for the bathroom, where complete harmony with the tiles and textiles is possible.

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The most important razor accessories

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