Hairstyle Man

The modern gentleman

Actor Cary Grant was the epitome of the gentleman with his dress style, his appearance and his elegant gel hairdo. The deep, stern side vertex underscored the gentleman look. The classic hairstyle with side parting still has many followers today – and the trend is rising. The men of today pay more attention to their styling and their hairstyle, appreciate elegance and coolness. The dandy style is popular in every age group, and in addition to the classic gel hairstyle, it can also be wavy, smooth or curly on the top of the head.

Timeless hairstyle trend

Currently still very high in the course is the Pompadour hairstyle. Here the pages are kept short, the top can go up high. For a gentleman’s hairstyle, the hair does not have to have a specific length. A style-conscious haircut goes with short, medium-long and long hair, with or without a beard. Also with highlights and color can be worked, but the hair should always look well-groomed.

Important: For the hairstyle should fit the style of clothing and vice versa – the gentleman look succeeds only if the overall package is right.

The modern gentleman

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