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The hair clipper Philips Hairclipper 7000 in the test – our test winner!

With a waving mane, successful men do not want to go through life. However, there are doubts about the stylist at the checkout.

The without trendy extravaganzas is done in no time and does not seem like a great art. Nevertheless, the tariff for the regular standard cut is a serious position. So it makes sense to take matters into your own hands.

This idea is by no means absurd when high-quality equipment such as Philips Hairclipper 7000 is at the start. We did the test.

Compact and easy to handle

Some devices confuse the hair clipper test with a confusing smorgasbord of essays and tricky corners, through which cleaning becomes a public act. Even time is money, so such models torpedo the thunderous savings potential. Philips handles the matter in a high-quality and well-thought-out way.

The Philips Hairclipper 7000 limits itself to two essays with sharp Titanumklingen, which allow 41 different cut lengths. Such pragmatic people like it. Which measure is currently on the program, can be easily read on the digital display.

So a minimum of imagination and a look into the descriptive manual is enough to conjure up a chic male haircut. For this, do-it-yourself types or the friendly assistants can spend a whopping 60 minutes. The battery from the Philips hair trimmer , which can be recharged within an hour, is exactly what this energy cushion brings.

Our test result: Cleaning fast done!

When the styling is perfect, the device is about to be cleaned. Also in this test convinced the hair clipper. Philips is committed to a waterproof construction, which is extremely useful in the final act. Running water speeds up the cleaning of the shaving head enormously, which can be opened up for this purpose.

The Hairclipper and accessories are included in the included bag and are thus ready for the next use. Whether only the neck is shaved or a new cutting technique is tried out, depends on the joy of experimentation.

Either way: The hair clipper keeps what he promises and makes the appointment at the barber. By the way, you can save a few Euros, which are better off in your own purse than on the account of the hairdresser.

You can buy the device here on Amazon

Not the right hair clipper model?

If the Philips hair trimmer did not convince you in our test, we recommend the hair clipper test portal . There you will find more devices that have undergone a detailed test.

The hair clipper Philips Hairclipper 7000 in the test - our test winner!

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