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The fashion trends 2019 – that carries man in leisure and work

It’s time to say goodbye to winter and throw off its coat. Because the summer fashion for the modern gentleman presents itself without a beard and colorful.

The star of the HBO series Game of Thrones, Kit Harrington, has already made it to the men’s world and now shows freshly shaved instead of bearded Jon Snow. Not only in hairstyle issues has changed a lot. While man in the winter and spring still coolly dressed in classic gray and black tones, it’s time for color again. These are the must-haves for the warm season:

  • Bomber jackets: Bomber and college jackets made in fashion issues early for the certain coolness factor – not only in high school. No wonder: the look not only symbolizes sportiness and attractiveness, but also a sense of cultural history.

    The first college jackets, for example, were embroidered with an “H” and were awarded by the famous Harvard University to the best baseball players. Now the casual jackets experience a revival that is second to none.

    Paired with a classic polo shirt and sleek, dark trousers, this season man can become a style icon like James Dean and turn women’s heads. Unlike in the past, the various styling variants in college and bomber jackets have no limits today.

    Man always makes a statement through the high-quality fabrics – whether noble in soft pink, with an olive-colored longbomber and rugged boots or sporty in a red blouson.

  • Green in all its facets: green, green and green are all my clothes – of which the prominent men in Hollywood can probably sing more than one song. While actor Ryan Gosling was spotted at the London premiere of “The Nice Guys” in a velvet green suit alongside Russell Crowe, Bradley Cooper shows in GQ magazine in soft bottle green.

    Those who are already tanned by the first rays of the sun can choose their suits for the office like Gosling in dark fir green, while light skin types should rather resort to lime and grass tones. With olive tones, every man dresses well; even at sports, in the bar or on the beach.

    When the temperatures exceed the 30-degree mark, sportier variants such as military-look cargo pants are recommended. These can be combined well with college and bomber jackets.

  • Flowers and lace: Who dares wins. Because with the nature in the summer and the fashion is colorful and flowery. Courage is demonstrated by those who face gender bending . Often praised by the Burberry and Gucci designers, summer is finally about colorful pants and floral prints.

    Especially with the shirts blur the gender boundaries: man now wears what he knows only from women. So he can not only wrap in flower pattern, but also in air-permeable lace. However, this trend is not synonymous with fool freedom.

    In the sweaty summer months coming to the office with a short-sleeved shirt in Hawaiian pattern is still a no-go. With a maritime look in blue, green, white or red and perfectly rolled up sleeves man is always right.

    Sneakers in rich colors or lightweight sailing shoes perfect the classic, masculine and summery look.

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The fashion trends 2019 - that carries man in leisure and work

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