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The Best Men's Hairstyles for Fall 2018

From time to time, a visit to the hairdresser is enough to significantly change one’s own look within half an hour. Because what many are not so aware of, our hairstyle contributes much to our external appearance. So before you have to force yourself to the next, hour-long shopping trip, you should pay a visit to the barber of his confidence. So that you have the right hairstyle ideas in my luggage, I have put together the best men’s hairstyles for fall 2018 for you.

You do not necessarily realize that it is time to say goodbye to the sun and sand and get a fresh new hairstyle. But do not worry, no drastic changes are needed. Sometimes simple approaches are enough. Take a look at the styles that will determine the next few months.

Previously, you can take a look at the two most important rules when looking for a new hair style risk. Respectively in this post the answer to the question: Which hairstyle suits me? experience. As a beard bearer then maybe the current trends for 2018 are interesting …

The Buzz Cut – a haircut for eternity

The Best Men's Hairstyles for Fall 2018

Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

At least it can happen like that. Since 2016, the Buzz Cut is one of the trend hairstyles, summer and winter and also in autumn 2018, the Buzz Cut will be on display again. If you can wear the edgy, minimalist hairstyle, you will automatically get that certain bad boy image on your way. This hair style works best with a rather square or round head.

The Buzz Cut is also very easy to care for when it comes to hairstyle care. There is not much hair that needs to be shaped. And do not worry, if it rains in the fall, this hairstyle is just as grateful, as the hair is quickly dry again. Even if the hairstyle looks extremely simple, you should still cut it at the hairdresser. Even with the shaver to create a hand you should be better.

As 2018er version of the Buzz Cut can go through the GI Joe variant . Masculine, edgy, to the point. Especially easy to clean and wonderfully easy to cut. The pages are trimmed neatly at the GI crew and worn extremely short. The upper hair is a bit longer and therefore can be styled better.

It is important to ensure that the hairstyle brings a little texture in the upper hair with. Also, the dividing line between longer upper hair and short side hair must be precise. Therefore, you have to make sure that the precise dividing line does not become too blurred with regrowing hair. Otherwise the Buzz Cut in the GI Joe-Style will not look quite as good anymore.

Au Natural – sometimes “easy” can be pretty convincing

The Best Men's Hairstyles for Fall 2018

Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

Anyone who likes it in terms of men’s hairstyles for fall 2018 simply wears his hair Au Natural. Because if nothing works, then in any case, naturalness. The Au Natural Style does not need great care in hairstyles. The hair is just as worn as they are grown.

Styling is not very important here. The maintenance effort itself is kept extremely low. What you should still look out for in wavy hair, with regard to care, you will find out in this post. If you still want to invest a little hand, you should go to work with a soft brush. As a result, the hair is spared and can still be brought into shape.

Messy Look – the shattered style

The Best Men's Hairstyles for Fall 2018

Photo by Ben Weber on Unsplash

Like the Au Natural Look, the Messy Look is extremely easy to care for. Here only the fact comes to fruition that the hairstyle itself is a bit messy and zersauster acts. But it is quite wanted. Quasi, the hairstyle that you wear after getting up. In order for this style to be achieved, you have to ask your hairdresser to add a little texture and “movement” to your own hair. The hair should be a bit confused from the ground up.

Properly styled, the dirty, textured look can give your hair a whole new dimension. But beware, badly styled you can quickly assume that the Messy Look looks like nothing. Ideally, you use a little hair pomade to get the hair in shape. The ruffled Messy Look is suitable for all hair types, especially for thin hair, which are naturally easier to shape when styling. Please, however, make sure that the hair does not look too “clumped” .

The Viking – On the trail of the Vikings

The Best Men's Hairstyles for Fall 2018

Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

Full beard and long hair, a combination that did not only convince the Vikings. Definitely the most masculine of all hairstyles in fall 2018: The Viking. In this hairstyle for men with long hair just these are worn open and put on display. The look is rounded off by a clear full beard.

Here it is wonderful to play with the structure of the hair. So they can come along smooth and gentle, the beard, however, reveals frizzy and wild. Opposites that work wonderfully together. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that long hair requires more care. Not to mention the right beard care . Should still be to create.

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The Best Men's Hairstyles for Fall 2018

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