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The best men's hair products for thick hair

The best men's hair products for thick hair

In addition to the best haircuts, men with thick hair need the right products to get those hairstyles just right . Here are our most popular and most recommended products divided into three main categories: pomades, waxes and matte products

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The best men's hair products for thick hair


To get that Don Draper straight hair that’s the latest craze right now, a pomade is what you need. They offer a flexible hold that never gets crispy and gets a different amount of shine. For medium-long or thick hair, these pomades provide the strong hold your hair needs.

  • Baxter’s California Hard Water Pomade – Apply wet for a shiny finish or dry for a matte finish.
  • Wicked Slick from American Pomade – This is the real deal, Schmiererpomade. It is shiny, smooth, has a very strong hold and it gives you for days the best smoothed back hair.
  • Baxter by California Soft Water Pomade – Gives your hair a non-greasy, very natural looking, low shine with a mild to medium hold.


Wax provides stronger hold and usually a matte finish than pomades. They are great for thick hair, curly or wavy textures and greasy hair. To use a wax, take a pea-sized amount and heat it between your palms before rubbing through wet or dry hair.

  • Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech Gives strong support for spiky, messy and smooth hairstyles.
  • Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Wax From the land of epic spiky hairstyles, this Japanese hair product is no ordinary wax. The strong hold has a light and not sticky feel. This is the best product for thick or coarse hair.

Matt product

This deserves a separate category. Specific names include clay, mud, putty, paste, fiber and more. Matte products work for every hair type, from thin to thick, and work well for messy hairstyles or any smooth appearance. As announced, there will be no shiny but almost invisible hold.

  • Matte Pomade Paste by Imperial Barber – Light to medium hold, water based and easily wipes off, matte finish without shine.
  • Clay Pomade by Baxter, California – This matte, firm-hold product gives your hair an amazing texture.

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The best men's hair products for thick hair

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The best men's hair products for thick hair

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