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The Best Barber Shops – Las Vegas Strip and Downtown

Whether you’re meeting Vegas for a bachelorette party, a wedding or just partying, you want to look good. If you have no time left before your flight leaves, there are many hair salons to get a hot new cut or a fresh shave along the Strip and downtown. It’s worth making a better deal and a great experience right on the Strip. There are many other excellent barbershops in Las Vegas, these are the best barber shops on the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown .

4. Bolt Barbers Monkey Train Barbershop

3.5 stars – 28 Reviews

In addition to two Los Angeles locations The Las Vegas store is housed in a restored 1967 underground galley and a 1953 box truck. The exterior is just a touch of vintage interiors. Screw Barbers are still proud of their reputation “People love hating us on Yelp,” which is reflected in the one-star ratings that face the many 5-star ratings. You will know if this is the right place for you or not. Call to confirm that they are open before moving on.

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The Bolt Barbers Monkey Train is an experience. In the cool and new DTLV Container Park you get a fresh haircut from a talented hairdresser, a neck shave, a massage and a hot towel. Totally worth the few extra dollars and longer than the normal time for a normal haircut. Alex A.

707 E. Fremont St. Suite 1140 – (702) 988-2233

3. A cut above the rest

4.5 stars – 32 Reviews

A traditional barbershop, a cut above the rest . Worth a visit for the friendly atmosphere as well as affordable and qualified cuts. With a focus on clippers over scissors, this is the place for perfect fades or creative hair designs .

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I have now made two crossfades of Joe the Barber and let me tell you, my husband knows his stuff. The barber is just that: a barbershop. No extras, many chairs. Really good old and new school soul music playing the background. Half of the people are waiting to get haircuts, and the other 1/2 just hang around and enjoy the banter. I recommend this hotel to anyone in the DTLV area or anyone looking for a good hairstyle for a reasonable price. Ray N.

I agree: the best hairdresser in the city. I came here for the first time after shopping this year … My last few haircuts had some simple hair and terrible service, so I was nervous when the barber pulled out those magical clipper and cut with too much ease and finesse, like Edward S. Jr. The result: hhhotness!

My hairstyles (always walkable) are thoughtful and contemporary (no fake 1/2 hour post-cut details), and all barbers are social and cool as hell … not a clumsy guy in a bunch.

Oh yes, I have the best cut I’ve seen in years – with a flawless and creative hairline and the level I asked for. I forgot that I could look so good ? Jaden M.

“A cut above the rest!” Yes, these guys are the business! TIM-O is the man! He’s been in business for over 20 years and knows what’s going on. Very happy with my cut and my experience. Johnny Q.

616 E Carson Ave – (702) 477-7557

2. The art of shaving

4.5 stars – 65 Reviews

Known as one of the top sources of high quality men shaving products, visit the art of shaving to personally check the goods and to experience a shaving shave with a traditional shave. At the three Strip locations, there is also the Barber Spa for all your needs, including haircuts, head shaving, beard, goatee, mustache and shaving.

Even if you are in town for a few days, it is advisable to make an appointment. The location of the Miracle Mile Shop holds Vegas opening hours until 11pm Sunday through Thursday and midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

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This place is a must for every gentleman out there.

I’ve been here for the Royal Shave a few times. Do not save … Get the Royal Shave. It’s totally worth it.

It’s worth every penny. I wish I could afford to come to this place once a week instead of saving it for a special occasion. Dave N.

This place is a bit pricey but definitely a great way to pamper yourself. The staff is very professional and friendly. And it’s not just a great barbershop, but a great experience. They do not just want to roll customers as fast as they like many barber shops. They pay close attention to every little detail and you will definitely enjoy while you are there. Nate H.

3930 Las Vegas Blvd. South – (702) 632-9356

Miracle Mile Shops 3663 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Suite 51 – (702) 802-6381

Fashion Show Shopping Center 3200 Las Vegas Blvd # 1790 – (702) 733-9509

1. Hi-Rollers hairdresser

4.5 stars – 40 Reviews

Hi-Rollers is a classic hair salon with a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere, vintage decor and hairdressers with sharp abilities. Even before it appeared, it was about this joint peasant stars (the old man goes there) and counting cars . They do not take appointments, but relax, enjoy the banter and the waiting time passes quickly. No credit cards.

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This is not a super cut, thank goodness. Yes, you’ll wait somewhere between 30 minutes and a few hours, but it’s worth it, and like me, when you get their early days, you will not have to wait that long.

Chris cut my hair, and he’s not just a hairdresser, he’s a master craftsman in what he does, and I’m grateful for the incredible work he’s doing. But to be honest, everyone here is doing a CHALLENGING JOB and seem to love what they do, so you can not go wrong with the one who cuts your hair.

This guy has definitely earned the title of “Best of Vegas 2014,” so this is just another reason to test the joint, plus $ 19 dollars, how can you go wrong? Did I mention that this place has been here since the 50s? Ted B.

Can not recommend this place enough !!!

The cuts are amazing, the barbers are legends and the barbershop has the coolest shit everywhere.

We arrived at 12 noon and there were already 8 boys waiting for cuts (so you know it’s good). All barbers greet you and tell you that it may be a bit of a wait, but feel free to stay here … and so glad we did. We had 6 of us on the day of my wedding for some fresh cuts. The whole time you feel trapped in their teasing and jokes, good music plays and it does not even feel like you’re waiting.

The cuts were amazing, they take their time, since they are all perfectionists, I could not believe their skills and their precision.

My barber had my house as a wedding present … I was absolutely speechless … but her service did not stop. Kris R.

1120 S Maryland Pkwy – (702) 382-6790

The Best Barber Shops - Las Vegas Strip and Downtown

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