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The best barber shops in San Diego

When it comes to hair salons, guys in San Diego have plenty of options. It was challenging to select only ten stores for this list based on ratings and awards. So we chose eleven.

You can choose from the usual hipster shops, but also those with surfer and Greaser ambience. Of course, there are always the established traditional hairdressers who bring you back to the past. Many shops also invite Groomsmen events. The best for you depends on a combination of price, location and feeling.

There are many other great hairdressers who check out in addition to these best barber shops in San Diego. We also recommend The Dover Honing Co. with barber Brian Burt , DTown barbers with barber Paul DeSales , Capitol Barbershop , and Dinks . Here are a few more beautiful facilities that will make you look good.

11. Freshly faded

Freshly faded is more than a hair salon. On the website you will find interesting blog posts, curated music, specialty shops and events. It’s black, but also hipster-friendly with multicultural hairdressers and clients. On the haircut front they specialize in fades, tapers, Iroquois and razors. – Paul G.

The best barber shops in San Diego

Rene is the man and I’m going to man. A genius with his craft and the results are now 6 of my friends have gone to him because they love the cool cuts that I get. Hands down the best barber in SD. I love this place and Derrick, who runs the store, has created a great atmosphere, the people who work here are friendly fun and great at what they do!

2850 El Cajon Blvd. Suite 1 | 619-677-4733

10. Ducky’s Barber Shop

Ducky’s Barber Shop is a local favorite despite the minimal internet presence . They remain faithful to the hairdressing tradition with precise haircuts, luxury shaving and inviting experience. Come one, come all.

The best barber shops in San Diego

I would definitely recommend this barber shop to anyone … From my experience at Ducky’s, I feel that a certain standard has been set for me personally. I do not feel that they are interested in a niche, they definitely want to offer high quality haircuts and create an atmosphere in which grandfathers, fathers and sons can all get haircuts and enjoy good company. – Joshua G.

941 Broadway Suite L | 619-456-3232

9. El Rey tattoo and barber

Whether it’s a tattoo parlor in a hair salon or a hair salon in a tattoo parlor, El Rey Tattoo and Barber has a lot of atmosphere, but no attitude. There’s a vintage Greaser aesthetic and a great pomade selection, but they serve modern cuts with traditional barber skills.

The best barber shops in San Diego

Nice people. Good setting. Really helpful and competent. Nice clean business. Great artwork on the walls. Barbershop is the only real thing. Traditionally. Hot towel razor shaves are a once in a lifetime must try. I recommend it. Men’s spa-type thing. – Robert J.

8. Vince’s Barber Shop

You know, a hair salon is good if they are firmly on word of mouth and some are fully booked Yelp Reviews . Vince’s Barber Shop in Little Italy opened in 1952 and today retains the same ambience. While founder Vince Bruno is no longer there, his successors Boris and Billy keep the tradition alive. Enjoy the reminiscence atmosphere with beer and playboys in the magazine rack. Appointments are recommended and cash only.

The best barber shops in San Diego

Boris is a true master of his art. With his love of detail and his passion for excellence, he delivers a haircut that is fitting and clean. The shave shave was as authentic as it gets, and the massage at the end made it a perfect end to an already relaxing and awesome experience. Sitting in this barber chair brings you back to an episode of Mad Men who enjoys life the way men should. No salons or franchises come close to this experience. – Vlad G.

2030 India St 619-623-0798

7. Debonair Barber and Shave Parlor

Debonair means confident, stylish and charming, and that’s how you feel when you leave. Some hairdressers have a certain clientele but Debonair Barber and Shave Parlor can cut all kinds of hair, including Hipster, Latino, Asian and Black. They even cut 49ers wide receiver Kassom Osgood and Crazy Child of swollen members. It’s $ 25 for a cut and only cash.

The best barber shops in San Diego

Immediately these people were relaxed and welcoming when I came in. They offered me a drink and let me wait less than ten minutes before sitting on a chair. I think I sat down with Justin – I highly recommend it – he knew exactly what I was looking for, only from a 2-3 sentence description. It is obvious that these guys pay attention to details. When I had a better chance of seeing the cut, I was very impressed. Perfectly faded, a nice heavy part and perfect length above. No single complaint or suggestion.

It’s really cool that they have fun and fun. They are constantly chattering and making it clear that they like having fun and kicking it. It’s a cash-only business, but there’s an ATM on the inside.

Overall, great experience. I will come back to 8+ barbershops in the area. Great cut, great price, cool guys, relaxed atmosphere. Recipe for success. 5/5, hands down. – Madj O.

6. OB Barbershop

Near Ocean Beach, OB Barbershop was started by Bay Area Surfer Darin Wright. The store has recently moved to a larger location. They are known for having a great atmosphere and showing surf videos. Cuts are a competitive $ 18, shaves ring at $ 25, and it’s $ 40 for both.

The best barber shops in San Diego

This place is great! He’s just moved the store down in OB. I followed him from the last place and now there is more space. The atmosphere and the service are great. The place is very clean and everyone in the shop is friendly and fun. You will get a great cut here and make sure.

Long story short: Best cut, best price, best service, best atmosphere! Give them a chance and you will not want to go anywhere else. – Doug L.

1917 Cable Street | 619-450-6565

5. Normal height barbershop

Normal Heights Barbershop is your friendly neighborhood barbershop with the current hippie style. Enjoy a brewing and versatile music selection and Bulldog Charlie in addition to expert razors. Your hairdressers are popular, so make an appointment if you have a favorite. They also have a good selection of hair products so you can re-adjust your new look at home.

The best barber shops in San Diego

Nothing but good things to say about this place! Went in and was immediately greeted by one of the friendly barbers, nice, cozy atmosphere, drinks offered, and of course I got a fresh cut. Benjamin made sure we agreed what I was up to. Then he mastered it. I hopped around SoCal in salons and hair salons and have never been so happy. Highly recommended. Ps. The music was important too. – Put on F.

4684 Mansfield St 619-564-8942

4. The Urban Shave Barbershop

The urban shave offers traditional barber menu, vintage decor and modern prices. There are two locations for you. The Hillcrest Shop is only available on an appointment, while the Little Italy is closed on Mondays. Take a look at the carefully selected range of hair care products, Urban Shave Beard Oil and shavers.

The best barber shops in San Diego

The best barber in San Diego! David O. is as good as it gets. Started to go here a while ago and will not go anywhere else soon. The hairdressers here are super friendly and give fantastic hairstyles while adding a great atmosphere to an already aesthetic business. – Max H.

3774 Park Blvd | 619-297-4283

3. Mister Brown’s Barber Shop

Mr. Brown’s barber shop has a traditional look with modern amenities. It’s just an appointment and $ 30 apiece, on the more expensive side. From the decor to the music to the drinks, it’s more than a haircut, it’s an experience. Mister Brown’s is also a cool place for a party.

The best barber shops in San Diego

If you think you like a good, old-fashioned barbershop with hipster flair, Mister Brown’s is the place for you … Everything from the exposed brick, antique barber chairs, Victorian billboard advertising wall to the bathroom wall and a pool table make the experience enjoyable.

Welcomed with a friendly welcome and a cold Tecate, I waited for my appointment by sitting on a comfortable couch and just listening and watching football. BB the barber strapped me with a great cut, my first hot shave / hot towel, and made my first barbershop a real treat.

Highly recommended. Friendly employees who are experts in their craft. I will definitely return. – Brett H.

3064 University Ave 619-501-8407

2. Lefty’s barbershop

Lefty’s Barbershop on Granat Avenue was founded in the 1950s and retains the original decor and attention to detail. The second location on Cass Street is modeled on the original. Also enjoy their fast-old-school prizes with $ 16 cuts and shaves and $ 10 line-ups.

The best barber shops in San Diego

I thought it would be a little weird to have an appointment in a hair salon … but when I got there, I understood why. It’s not a very big place and they do not have much of a waiting area. There are also only street parking available, but that was not such a big deal as it was abundant.

My hairdresser’s name was Chuck and he was great. He talked me through a general consultation and answered some questions I had and then gave me one of the best haircuts I’ve ever had, even up to a straight blade on my throat with the hot shaving cream that feels so good! Needless to say, I found my new hairdresser in San Diego! – Scott K.

1339 Garnet Ave | 858-274-5913 and 4684 Cass St | 858-274-1878

1st hairdresser side

Originally a private gentleman’s club, hairdressing site opened at a larger venue in 2009 for the public. It’s a popular place to walk in and just so expect a wait. Just enter your name in the list and sign up for a particular hairdresser if you have a preference. Grab a beer from the fridge while you wait. Cuts are only $ 16 and it’s just cash. They also organize groomsmen parties.

The best barber shops in San Diego

I was back in San Diego and needed a haircut. Although there are barbershops around every corner, I refuse to go anywhere except Barber Side. I left on a Sunday and arrived at 10:20 (it opens at 11am). Someone was already in line, and then some guys followed. Marvin gave me a great haircut and shaved me. He took his time, did a fantastic job and had a nice convoy. Highly recommended. I suggest you get there early. Oh, and grab a beer. Very affordable, by the way. – Anthony L.

3506 Adam’s Ave 619-347-1057

The best barber shops in San Diego

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