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The best barber shops in Miami

Miami is the scene of many barber fights and houses many beautiful Toto operations. The city has a deep-rooted barber culture and has its own flavors of business, many with a fringe. Of course, there are your friendly barbershops in the neighborhood that serve as a community hub. There are also places that run by the new guard of hairdressers with fresh fades and creative designs, quick and cheap joints with top-notch cuts, and finally men’s spas that care from head to toe. Last but not least is Razzledazzle, with massages of corset-clad Dazzle girls.

Here are 11 of the best hair salons in Miami because we could not choose only 10. Some of them are well known with numerous awards, while others are more advertised by word of mouth. In no particular order, here are our top tips:

GC Miami Barbers Shave & Grooming Co.

GC Miami Barber’s Shave & Grooming Co. is everything a neighborhood barber should be. Rome, his wife and his team are friendly and welcome everyone, offering a comfortable and clean environment and above all expert’s cuts. In addition to the usual services, they offer razor-sharp eyebrows, women’s haircuts and offers for children and seniors. Named after Rome’s son Giancarlo, this is a very family friendly place, but it’s not just about the kids. They also have DJ events.

The best barber shops in Miami

This place is not only open to the public, but also to all people. Whether it’s the owner or his wife who welcomes you through the door, this environment is not only family friendly, but also diverse. I’ve never experienced a barbershop where the owners not only take the time to find out about someone and learn about it, but also … they like the family.

Roman offers amazing services and takes the time to make things perfect, leaving you absolutely confident in tackling the world with a fresh and clean cut and a shave. I have been to many hairdressers and this is absolutely professional. No obscene music with obscenities. No conversations where customers feel uncomfortable. Children welcome. I would recommend this place to anyone !! – Carlos H.

9835 SW 184. St | 305-234-5202

Prestigious Image Barbershop and Spa

Prestigious Image Barbershop and Spa is a cut above the average barbershop without being too spa-like. Offered as Gentleman’s Retreat, in addition to the usual haircuts and shaves, they also offer waxing, facials, and nail care. Led by a Dapper David Uribe and a team of professionals, Prestigious Image will make you look your best. Try her nose wax for that extra care touch. It hurts less than you think. No prizes are listed, so call to confirm, but if you love it, members reduce costs. All cuts come with a complimentary drink, shampoo, scalp massage and graduation with a shoulder massage.

The best barber shops in Miami

Best hairdresser in the city. When I moved to Miami, I had my hair cut in several places. Needless to say that I had the best experience in prestige. Do not make the mistake of going somewhere else … Simply put, those are the only ones I trust. The friendly hairdressers know what they are doing. You can say that the owner drives a tight ship and everyone is on board. The service is always excellent. Attention to detail is everywhere. Classic, relaxed atmosphere. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment. – Carlos E.

2518 Ponce de Leon Boulevard | 305-640-8775

beans business

Fast, good or cheap – choose two not true at the Bean Shop Barbershop . With 12 chairs, top-notch barbers and $ 12, Bean Shop cuts all three. Choose between a clipper or silhouette and add other services, such as ear, nose and eyebrow trends. Since 2007 they have made 2589 cuts and 289 styles, making it easy to live up to the motto “spicy, spicy”.

The best barber shops in Miami

These people know how to cut hair and you can not beat the price or the convenience. Only $ 12 for a cut, I can go in whenever I want and I never have to wait. Usually I let Ricardo cut my hair, he does not speak much English, but he does the work.

The only downside is that the store only accepts cash. – Shonti T.

901 SW 87th Ave | 305-269-0003

Blendz hair salon

Many of the best hairdressers have little to no internet presence and this also applies to Blendz Hair Salon . They got our attention through Instagram and the fresh cuts from @criztofferson and @jorgethoo . The shop has many seats and many capable barbers. The prices are appropriate for cuts, shaves, bands and additional services such as eyebrows and color.

The best barber shops in Miami

It looked like a caveman who looked like a gentleman. They are very skilled in their craft. Affordable price for excellent work! Personally, I go to Devin, but all barbers are good and experienced. I’ve been to a few other hairdressers in Miami, but now I’m a regular customer at Blendz and nowhere else. – Alex S.

13706 SW 56 St # 104 | 305-382-1111

Junior and Hatter

Junior and Mad Hatter is a high-end salon and spa for both men and women, but Guys have their own dedicated space, the man cave with beer, TV and foosball. Located in the Wynwood Arts District, the space reflects the neighborhood’s eclectic design and unique vintage decor, including the old-school NES while you wait. The staff are friendly and know what the $ 45 cut is worth. It includes counseling so you have time to discuss exactly what you want.

The best barber shops in Miami

Although I do not have the best hair in the world, the stylists at Junior & Hatter definitely get an A + and all the gold star stickers so they can easily take care of my hair (on my head and on my chin). Friendly, accommodating and always a good atmosphere there. Definitely recommend an appointment so you can pay close attention to your stylist. If you have to wait a bit, get your retro game and beat Tecmo Bowl on their NES. – Tennison Z.

2750 NW 3rd Ave | 305-571-8361

Upper Kutz

Oberes Kutz is the “hairdressing salon for every man”. Ray Agnew, the owner and main operator, has 26 years of experience in haircutting. He does everything including scissors and clipper cuts, hair designs, bands, color and hot shaves. Recently located from Midtown to Coral Gables location, many of its regulars are willing to travel for its expert cuts. There are discounts for high school students and children, so you can make this barbershop a family affair.

The best barber shops in Miami

Ray moved from his Midtown location to a new One Man shop in Coral Gables. Same great service, same perfect cuts. I will follow this barber wherever he goes. If you’re a local in the Gables area, you should visit him. Self-esteem will ride after he has your hair.

Be the best at what you do, Ray! – John R.

155 Mallorca Ave Suite 255 | 305-456-1872

Chop Shop Barbershop

It’s really a chop shop with leather cup racing car seats , a car-shaped DJ station, garage decor and sometimes chopper parking. Get classic barbershop treatments like a shave or the latest hair designs with color. Uniquely positioned for hip-hop clientele and access to South Beach, it combines music and body care with “cut and scratch” events and more.

The best barber shops in Miami

… [Even] With its flashy toys and first-class DJ set, Chop Shop is just a down-to-earth shop. You’re guaranteed to see the latest movies on the flat screen TV or even the sports center you wanted to see.

Now to the skills. Every hairdresser has his own style of cutting. My personal hairdresser is Mike! The guy is a genius! Do you want to see something of his work? Take a Urban Ink Magazine … The guy knows what he’s doing and keeps my tape perfect! – Janay M.

7283 Biscayne Blvd | 305-756-8102

Primo’s Barber Shop

Primo’s Barber Shop started with the aim of reviving the “lost art of barber shop”. This includes good conversation, the latest magazines and the service and advice of a true professional hairdresser. Primos delivers with vintage decor and all modern amenities, including 30 different magazines and free drinks. Other services include mini facial treatments, hair color and shoe shine if you want to look your best.

The best barber shops in Miami

Primos is great. They are a little expensive, but if you are looking for a legitimate “Man Spa” type of barbershop, who also happens to have an average hairstyle and beard trim, then Primos is a good bet. Her shaving service is old school razor, hot towel and warm shaving cream. The owner seems to find seriously serious barbers because I still have one there that was not practiced – although of course I have my darling …

The store itself is clean, looks good – a bit like a “cigar club” vibe. While you wait, you will be offered a drink. They also have a membership that earns a bit of discount per visit. – Ian T.

9497 S Dixie Hwy | 305-631-2646

Churchill’s Barber Shop

Churchill’s Barber Shop is a classic barbershop with additional amenities that will make you feel abandoned and feel like a million dollars. In addition to old-fashioned shoe shine, they offer a free manicure and drinks while you wait. Create your fresh, new look at home with one of the many hair products that they offer for sale. Walk-ins are welcome, but the store is full, so make an appointment.

Churchill’s Barber Shop is one of the few places in downtown Brickell where service is important. When you step in, it’s like stepping back to a friendlier time. Julian has been cutting my hair for more than a year and always gives me a great haircut. My favorite part is the hot shave for the sideburns and the neck, which is included in the haircut. You can upgrade to a full shave for a few dollars more. I like the free espresso bar.

The other day, when I went to the barber shop, I arrived a little earlier and was offered a free manicure while I waited. I thought that would be a really great touch and will probably lead to me getting more from Churchill in the future.

Churchill’s is a great experience all around. – Michael H.

12 SE 1st St | 305-379-8615

Sloane Square Barber & Shoppe

The best barber shops in Miami

Sloane Square Barber & Shoppe believes that “men love to be pampered, too.” They offer a “sanctuary to cherish” with English shaves, men’s hair cuts, beard trim, hair color, mini facial treatments and nail care in a modern space. It’s membership-focused with 3 unlimited monthly visitor packages to keep you fresh, but also offers a la carte services.

You get what you pay for. [The] gentleman’s haircut is a quality haircut … I’m not one to spoil so much, but the environment at Sloane Square is superb. A modern barbershop feeling and a friendly staff. Even as a walk-in I was treated as a valued customer. As for the haircut itself? A well done job. I was a satisfied customer who went out …

[It’s hard to find] a hair salon that appeals to men. Sloane does just that and from my experience, they are doing well. – Scott A.

1322 Alton Rd | 305-673-0877

Razzledblende barbershop

As the name suggests, Razzledblende Barbershop is an experience. It’s the Hooters of Barbershops with a retro theme. The decor is New York’s 1940’s hair salon complete with costumed staff. The main attraction is the Dazzler girls in burlesque costumes offering a hand and neck massage and free shots of “sugar” (whiskey or vodka). Apart from that, the hairdressers are skilled and that is the place for male care. They also offer hand and foot care, back and chest care, wax and shoe shine. For regulars you can opt for VIP memberships or $ 15 for a cut. It is a great choice for bachelor parties and special occasions. The popular barbershop has 5 locations in the Miami area.

The best barber shops in Miami

I will not get a haircut anywhere else in Miami. So far I have tried two locations. Midtown and Miracle Mile. My experiences at BOTH locations are equally positive. The staff is friendly and attentive and bring an old time barbershop experience that is just awesome. Relaxing hand massage during haircut. Hot, later razor shave with hot / cold towels after. Hair piece alone is only a few dollars more than I would spend in a barbershop in the city with 10x more bang for my money. If you’re ready to give a little more quality for more than you’re used to, try it! – Alberto R.

Look at one of them at five locations .

The best barber shops in Miami

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