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The best barber shops in Austin

This is not a top 10 list because, based on reviews, we found only eight Austin barbershops that we can recommend. Otherwise, the order is based on the number of Yelp reviews, rating and how the barbershop is.

The best hair salons in Austin are a combination of old school joints, newer hipsters and the first barber we’ve met. They have a very different character and you will know which one is right for you.

8. Birds Barbershop

4 stars – 700 ratings (5 locations)

Opened since 2006, Birds Hair Salon is an uncomplicated men’s and women’s salon with free Shiner Bock and vintage arcade game decor. Today, they have seven locations in the city. While some reviewers are frustrated with long waits and hipster attitude, most are happy with the quality cuts and fun atmosphere, especially free video games while you wait. All locations are busy. Appointments are available only for the color, but you can access a waiting list in advance to reduce the waiting time.

The best barber shops in Austin

After moving to Austin, I had to find a new hair cutting box that would make my hair look good without me really taking part in my end.

I called to go on the waiting list and arrived on time. I was quickly escorted to a chair with a friendly … hair trimmer. So my hairdresser asked me a few questions, and I went through my normal, silent, awkward process, trying faintly to describe how I wanted my hair cut.

The hair clipper somehow ran with it, and I liked how it came out. The second cut I got was even better and I took the hair cutter’s map to get good haircuts in the foreseeable future. Keep it up, birds!

The one thing I’ll say, as I said in a couple of comments: I think the “barbershop” in the name is more aesthetic than literal. If you are looking for a classic barber shop then you probably will not get the result you want. For all other requests, check it. – Tyler K.

Check the website to find one of seven locations next to you.

7. Luis’ Corner Barber Shop

4.5 stars – 53 Reviews

Open since 1959, Luis’ Corner Barber Shop is a real old-fashioned barbershop with witty banter, reasonable prices and many regulars. Expect old-school techniques including a razor-sharp edge for an ultra-dense finish around the hairline and a massage to finish every cut. No appointments, as far as we can tell, but waiting times are about one hour during peak hours and less during the day.

The best barber shops in Austin

If you do not know, then you are only SOL. I have gone 3 times now and if that is not the best barbershop in town then I do not know what is.

It’s the same 3 hairdressers (Art, Raymond and Luis) who know almost every customer who goes by his name. This is literally an old school shop!

Phenomenal cuts, phenomenal service, phenomenal deal. I just hope that this review does not mean I have to wait longer next time. – Matt S.

6807 Guadalupe St., Suite A

6. Adolph’s Barber Shop

4.5 stars – 55 Reviews

As we said before, you know that a hair salon is the real deal when there is no website or Instagram account. It’s a no-frills old-school joint. What you get are experienced hairdressers, a $ 10 cut and little to no wait. As a critic said, at this price, you can afford to tip 50-100%. Only cash, of course.

The only true. Old-school barber with barber who has years of experience. Adolph himself has 50+ years. Mario 30+ and a few others alike. Everyone is excellent, choose who you think is best for you. Best cut for the price in town for barber cuts. Ask for Adolph, Gy and Mario. – Russell E.

Awesome haircut. There was literally no line on Saturday afternoon. It does not get better for $ 10. Gy was competent with Scissorhands and it was great to just talk. Friendly and welcoming, has a good parking in front of the door.

PRO TIP: Park down the street, there is a better shade than in front of the property.- Ian L.

1901 W Ben White Blvd.

5. The Good Life Barber Shop

4.5 stars – 61 Reviews

The Good Life Barber Shop is a classic family-run barber in downtown Austin. Many of the reviews come from regulars who have been making Good Life hair-throats for years. In addition to the usual services, they offer Redken Camo Hair Color to enhance the pepper in salt and pepper hair. Parking can be difficult at their location, but check their website for information. They offer online appointments as well as walk-ins. Enjoy a game of pool or lounge while you wait.

The best barber shops in Austin

I had my hair cut 4 years ago at the Good Life Barbershop and returned every second Friday, with a few rare occasional failures … In my opinion, this shop is the best in Austin. Before I found the good life, I hopped over some of the well-known shops in Austin. Having come to the good of life, I not only found the precision and skill I required from a haircut, but also the environment and camaraderie I sought in a barbershop. As I visit the country for meetings to visit customers, I am continually complimented on my haircut.

I’m looking forward to seeing Ryan, Debbie and the team every other week. As a family business, you feel like a family party. Always immediately confirmed and greeted with a smile, followed by a great conversation.

The atmosphere of the shop is unbeatable for a barbershop. Just one block from the heart of 6th Street, Good Life highlights the character and life of Austin. I can not give enough of a recommendation for the Good Life Barbershop. As long as I live in Austin, I will sit in a chair every other Friday in this shop. – Michael M.

201 E 5th St., Ste 100B

4th Avenue Barbershop

4.5 stars – 95 Reviews

Open since 1933, Avenue Barbershop is the real shop. The vintage atmosphere is authentic, but the amenities of the newer places are lacking. If all you are looking for is a hairstyle in a cool place, Avenue is for you. Par for the course, it’s walk-in and cash just waiting to be expected. If you have a favorite hairdresser, her schedules are published online.

The best barber shops in Austin

Avenue is all real. It’s no frills. No Esquire magazine to find. The only machine in there is a real vintage cola machine. I always wanted to see if it worked, but never did. I love the feeling of this place – no dates, you just have to go in and wait until it’s your turn. Damn, I even dig how the hairdressers dress in white shirts and black ties, like professionals.

Whenever I go there, I feel a strange sense of nostalgia. Of real nostalgia. Not this fake fabricated nostalgia that so many companies try to conjure. But that was the way things used to be – this barbershop, that feeling. It’s as if they have been holding for a moment. This is the only place I go to now. – Chris F.

1710 S Congress Ave.

3. Kirby the barber

5 stars – 38 Reviews

Kirby the Barber is a traditional barber who represents “true Americana, Texas Style”. Step back in time with a barber who is an artist, conversationalist and beard master. Kirby is also the Bearded Barber. He is the man when it comes to beards and handcrafted mustaches. All appointments are booked online so you do not waste time or time. The shop can only be paid online in cash or by credit card. Visit the nearby valet parking and shoe plasters are available on request.

The best barber shops in Austin

I did not even try to give any direction because I could feel the genius.

Best haircut in 24 years.

10/10 – Ole Gunnar S.

Kirby is a nasty barber and does a great job in my beard. His customer service is second to none, the kind you’ve seen before barbershops became male salons. Check his website, book online, park your car in the Driskill for free and let it cleanse you. You will not be sorry. – Adam P.

714 Brazos St.

2. SHED Barbershop & Supply

5 stars – 46 Reviews

SHED Barbershop & Supply is a hipster barbershop without the hiring. The classic atmosphere also offers music, beer and a selection of toiletries. The uncomplicated menu includes cuts, shaves and facial hair care. Due to the overwhelming popularity of this store, the opening hours were extended to 20 clock. Walk-ins are welcome or avoid long waits when booking an appointment.

The best barber shops in Austin

After leaving this place you will be supplemented with how good you look. The first place in Austin, which can always give you a big debut.

Good atmosphere. Vinyl will play. Fantastic beer selection while you wait. Big crew of hairdressers and stylists, but I go to Rob because his cuts are better than what you crave. – Jeremiah P.

I just received my 5th haircut from Shed. 5 stars each time (from 4 different hairdressers). There are many good and even good hairdressers in Austin who could learn a few things for Shed. Here is my list:
– The hairdressers are very professional, without being condescending.
-The atmosphere is definitely a barbershop, but in a modern way.
– You take appointments.
Most importantly – they are great BARBERS and make me look pretty good (not an easy task). – Christian S.

2210 South 1 h St.

1. Finley’s Barber Shop

5 stars – 90 Reviews

Finley’s Barber Shop has all the features of an old school barbershop with modern Manscape services to make you look your best. With four locations in Austin, two more on the way and two more outposts in Plano and Southlake, this is a popular spot for a reason.

For $ 30.00 you get a shampoo, cut and style, hot foam neckline and neck massage. For $ 70.00 add a shaving shave and for $ 98.00 pamper yourself with the addition of an executive hand detail. Be sure to record them on the free edges between the cuts. They also offer head shaving, Nioxin scalp treatment and hair color for the head and facial hair. Many facial options also beard and mustache trims, wax and more. Look at father and son for 20% off father / son haircuts every week.

The best barber shops in Austin

Yes, yes and yes. Thank goodness that barbershops are like that. This place is classy, ​​reasonably priced (especially for downtown) and professional to a level you rarely see these days. Say what you want about hipsters, but they did amazing things to bring the classic barbershop experience back to life.

This place has a nice lounge in the back, a shoeshine chair in front if you are interested, and you can even enjoy a drink while you wait. Bonus: razor blade shaving and edges, shampoo after haircut and a quick massage. They also offer an active military discount, which is always appreciated. – Matthew B.

Check your website for the location in your area.

The best barber shops in Austin

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