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Taper fade haircuts

Taper fade haircuts

Taper fade haircuts have been a popular choice for men for years and the trend will not disappear soon. Here are some great examples of the classic Taper Fade that we see in 2017.

The term “taper fade” is often used interchangeably with “fade haircut”. From a technical point of view, tapes and fades are two different things.

Taper and Fades refer to the hair on the sides and back of the head. Both go from neck to tail shorter. Taper and fades both grow back clean, compared to blocked necklines or cleavage, which are a defined line.

Taper haircuts are usually longer fades, beginning with a few inches in length and gradually shorter along the hairline. Fade haircuts go from short to ultra short or all the way down to the skin. A taper is usually cut with scissors while fading over the cutting machines.

Hairstyles that go with a fade or taper are as long as the sides or longer up. That is, cone hairs tend to be short or medium on the longer side. Fade hairstyles can be as short as a buzz up to long.

A tapered fade combines the best of both worlds by starting with longer hair that flows in a smooth transition to the skin. This type of cut will use scissors and clipper.

1. Taper haircut

Taper fade haircuts

Javi the barber

Men hair trends for 2017 have longer sides, making taper hairstyles more popular. Medium-length hair on top blends into shorter hairs on the sides and back.

2. Fade haircut

Taper fade haircuts

Juan Morales

Here’s a great example of a high fade haircut that cuts the hair on the skin. The mark of a good cross-fading is this blur on the way down. On top, hair is cut into a textured crop.

3. Taper fade haircut

Taper fade haircuts

Joe Cartmel

This fresh look starts with a rejuvenation and ends in a fade for ultra clean cut sides all around. This short taper works with both this matte slickback and short, longer or chaotic looks.

4. Faded neckline

Taper fade haircuts

Conor Taaffe

The Taper Fade is really the best of both worlds, as the sides and the back of the hair have a certain length, while the neckline is ultra clean.

5. Taper for thick hair

Taper fade haircuts

Andrew makes hair

Conical sides work well for guys with thick hair and make a smooth transition from long, messy hair to a faded neckline.

6. Neck Rejuvenation

Taper fade haircuts

Russ the barber

For medium hairstyles for men , the clean finish of a neckline contrasts longer, looser hair. The neck also fades clean, which means you can go longer between barber visits. This is ideal for people with tight budgets or appointments.

7. Taper hairstyle for curly hair

Taper fade haircuts

Zach Ramsey

Curly Hair also benefits from the graduation of a taper fade. The hair is long enough to roll up as it tapers down to get a clean cut.

8. Soft taper

Taper fade haircuts

Bird & Co Barbershop

This long smooth back merges with short hair that blends into blurry fade.

Taper fade haircuts

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Taper fade haircuts

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