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Style your own beard perfectly …

Style is not the same style and beard is not the same beard. Findings that I have definitely gained over the past few months here at And one thing is for sure, every one of my male readers knows the problem with the beard. First of all, you have to guess how to style it perfectly, which style of beard you like, and how you can care for it and put it into shape in everyday life without much effort.

For in a time when the beard is no longer just fashionable marginal appearance, but partly a real attitude to life, you can not just grow this wild and uncontrolled. Just does not look good, even the classic three-day beard must be brought into shape. At myself I see how my beard stubble grow differently, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter – but definitely not even. As it’s not just me, Braun has launched his new multi-rooming kit, which allows men to get the best results from head to toe with little effort.

Daily styling routine under control

In addition to the full-body styling set, the styling series also includes two new beard trimmer attachments. For every need you are prepared for it. Because no matter whether the beard trimmed daily or just be trimmed now and then you are well positioned. A total of up to 39 length settings, at the same time maximum precision are possible. The heart of the styling set is the Braun beard trimmer with up to 60 minutes running time, which can be adapted to your own styling routine thanks to exchangeable attachments.

Style your own beard perfectly ...

Personally, I am enthusiastic about this Braun Multigrooming Kit that it can really be used for anything:

  • Get a 3-day beard in shape – Check
  • Style Short Beard – Check
  • Maintain long beard – Check
  • Styling a beard – Check
  • Trimming the ear and nose hair – Check
  • Hair cut – Check
  • Bodygrooming – Check

Style your own beard perfectly ...

Especially the 3-days beard attachments (two essays left in the photo) do me good services in everyday life. Especially if you have to go fast, but still look good. Just attach the respective attachment to the Braun beard trimmer and off you go. Right next to it is the essay for the care of long beards and for cutting the hair.

Something I personally did not dare to do, but at least one friend made good experiences with me. Just does not look good with me, if I cut the hair, without gradation, completely to a length. But if that’s the case, with the Multigrooming-Kit you get the possibility to cut your hairstyle to a total of 13 different lengths, from 0.5 to 21 mm. The comb attachment, with which the beard trimmer is equipped in the photo, is mainly intended for shorter beards and brings them skilfully in shape.

Style your own beard perfectly ...

Anyone who values ​​clear contours and shapes will not be disappointed either. The precision trimmer (top left) and the normal beard trimmer attachment (top right) are the best way to get your own beard in shape. Thanks to ear and Nasenhaaraufsatz (bottom right) you can also move the local hair to body. Something else you would otherwise find difficult to manage alone.

Style your own beard perfectly ...

For me an absolute highlight is certainly the body grouting attachment (bottom left), which is also suitable for use in the shower thanks to the Wet & Dry technology. This can remove annoying body hair without much effort. After all, you have hair on the face, and not just on the face.

Especially the simple exchange of the essays makes the Multigrooming-Kit a practical must-have in your own bathroom. Remove the attachment, put the other attachment on it and click on it. Already it can be used again.

Style your own beard perfectly ...

App helps to perfectly styled beard

Braun provided us with the right tools for the perfect styling of our own beard with the Multigrooming-Kit. With the Braun & Gilette “Style Me” -App there’s still the right source of inspiration. The app offers a Virtual Reality preview the possibility to choose among 20 Styles own neune beard. For a particularly realistic impression, beard color and density can be individually adjusted in the preview.

Once you’ve decided on a new look, the app will guide you to the new style with step-by-step instructions. Helpful tips and tutorials for the best care of the style are also provided. Since January 2017, the app is available for free in the App Store for iOS devices.

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Style your own beard perfectly ...

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