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Strong shoulders carry more than responsibility

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Some things you have to face alone. Be it the upcoming salary negotiation, the transition to a wedding altar or the defense of the German goal area in the European Championship final 2016.

Okay, the last point you’re sure to agree with me is that none of us will stand there. But Manuel Neuer will hopefully be able to take on this task on July 10, 2016. And then I do not want to trade with him, but from the World Cup we still know that his strong shoulders can shoulder this responsibility.

Strong shoulders carry more than responsibility

But they carry so much more: praise, criticism, motivation, courage and responsibility for the hope of a whole nation. One thing is certain: there is no room for dandruff on strong shoulders! Manuel Neuer also sees this and has been the official brand ambassador for Head & Shoulders Germany since 1 May 2016. Do not worry, you do not leave him alone on the field, his colleagues, the Englishman Joe Hart and the Spaniard Iker Casillas are also on the court.

In the following video, Head & Shoulders takes a look at the responsibility that weighs on the shoulders of a world star. That even the strong shoulders of one of the world’s best goalkeepers have no room for dandruff, is clear and comprehensible at the latest after this clip. Anyone who trains hard every day and keeps asking for new things will not compromise on their own personal hygiene.

“I’ve had a good feeling with Head & Shoulders for a long time. As a professional athlete, you always have to give 100%. I also have this claim to my care products. The shampoos from Head & Shoulders refresh after a strenuous workout and care for my hair and scalp in just one step. “ – Manuel Neuer

In addition to Neuer, Hart and Casillas another, new player enters the field, the 2in1 Sport variant of Head & Shoulders. Their goalie qualities certainly can not keep up with those of the three goalkeepers, but with refreshing menthol extracts, the 2in1 Sport variant skilfully combines thorough cleansing and care in just one step and ensures a fresh head – even in goal. And our golden boy can definitely need that at the European Championships 2016.

Thanks to its protective shield technology with zinc pyrithione and zinc carbonate, it can also concentrate fully on playing football. Because these two stand like a one in the scale defense and protect the hair from external influences that can cause scalp problems. What should actually go wrong with the European title 2016?

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This post is supported by Head & Shoulders

Strong shoulders carry more than responsibility

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