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Stephen Curry Haircut

Stephen Curry Haircut

Golden State Warriors Point Guard Stephen Curry is known for his exceptional shooting accuracy, creative training program and hair. The two-time Most Valuable Player has experimented with a brand new look, and has plenty to tell fans and critics alike.

For many years, the Stephen Curry haircut was short curls with a fading temple. Sometimes the hair was shorter, sometimes longer, but the shape was generally the same.

During the 2017 playoffs, Curry debuted very short dreads with a medium fade. While his wife Ayesha Curry appreciated the new look Twitter had a different opinion. Some even made a loss in charge to the Boston Celtics on the new do. Whether the locos represented a new style or a new personality, Curry will be back in 2018 in its proven look.

Check out some old and new Steph Curry haircuts.

1. Temple fading

Stephen Curry Haircut

Kevin C. Cox / Getty

This buzzing faded with a temple is Stephen Currys haircut and for many years.

2. Short blowout

Stephen Curry Haircut

Barry Gossage / NBAE via Getty Images

A slightly longer version of the temple fading haircut is fading on the way to a blowout.

3. Stephen Curry Dreads

Stephen Curry Haircut


Here are the notorious dreadlocks debuting in 2017. It’s a departure from the more conservative styles, but that can be a good thing. Hair can be change or new goals.

4. Short Locs

Stephen Curry Haircut


The Steph Curry locomotives have grown in the last 6 months, but they are still short.

5. Steph Curry Hair 2018

Stephen Curry Haircut

In 2018 Curry is back to his style.

6. Short curls

Stephen Curry Haircut

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

In 2015, Curry’s hair was slightly longer and rounder in profile.

7. Short haircut

Stephen Curry Haircut

Tony Dejak / AP photo

Here the same cut is worn a bit longer. With a great shape to start with, this cut still looks good as it grows.

8. High Top Fade

Stephen Curry Haircut

Ezra Shaw / Getty pictures

Another look that Curry tried out in 2017, this curvy high-top fade takes a break from the rounded profile that’s known for.

Stephen Curry Haircut

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Stephen Curry Haircut

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