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Soon fade haircuts

Soon bland haircuts were very popular last year and will remain a cool men’s hairstyle in 2017 as well. They are great for keeping cool or extending the time between haircuts.

Also known as a skin bleaching, the bald head cuts the hair down to the skin. As with other fades, skin color may be low, medium or high. They can also be added to any hairstyle, from short to long and straight to curly.

Check out these pictures for some of the most popular ways to wear bald faded haircuts.

1. Soon fade combo

Soon fade haircuts

Shawn Barbz

The bland fade, especially in the middle or in the heel, is a flattering option for round, diamond or wide faces that do not want to add width to the face, especially at the temples. Then it can be worn with any haircut, such as this side part hairstyle with full beard.

2. Faint bald fading

Soon fade haircuts

Zeke the barber

A well-executed blurry bald fade is the ultimate clean cut for any hairstyle. With thick hair styled up in a messy pomp, the higher hairline makes an easy-to-wear cut that grows well.

3. Middle bald fading

Soon fade haircuts


For thick or curly hair, a middle bald pate haircut keeps the hair on the sides and back to manage. Then the top can be long enough to show the natural texture of hair, like those cool short curls.

4. Soon Taper Fade

Soon fade haircuts

Matt J.

While tapes and fades cut both hairs from shorter to shorter, a taper tends to be longer, while the fades are ultra short. This bald taper fades the two with short hairs on the sides and back, which quickly rejuvenate at the temples and around the neck.

5. High bald fading

Soon fade haircuts

Boar and blade

A high bare fade makes this high and tight buzz very high and very tight. It’s that easy.

6. Soon fade with part

Soon fade haircuts

Juan Morales

This medium bald fade emphasizes how long and dense hair is up. This cool side piece hairstyle is for 2017 with more length and some clutter .

7. Soon fading with a beard

Soon fade haircuts

Squeak Pro Barber

Does a bald head with a beard disappear? Absolute. Just as hair falls on the skin, it can rejuvenate to facial hair. It’s part of the haircut and why do not you have your beard cut and shaped while you’re already in the barber chair.

8. Soon fade with curls

Soon fade haircuts


The skin coloring is a stylish addition to all types of curly hair, especially tight curls. Hairstyles for men are longer this year, and so are curly and black hair. In this expert cut, a drop-fade follows the hairline’s bow and is adjusted by the shape of longer curls at the tip.

9. Soon fading with design

Soon fade haircuts

Braid barbers

Why yes, bald fades and hair designs can be worn together. One way to get the look is to create the design with hair to skin. Or it can be done with a design shaved into short hair over a bare fade. Both look very cool.

10. Soon Fade Vs Taper Fade

Soon fade haircuts

Nomad Barber LDN

The taper fade is often seen in classic men’s hairstyles, like this one. It’s clean cut and professional, but does not make the same statement as a bald fade. You will know which one is right for you.

11. Soon, Mohawk fades

Soon fade haircuts

Tariq Nevar

The Bald Fading Mohawk features a burst of fade on both sides. The result is a thick mohawk, which gets even more shape with longer hair between forehead and décolleté.

12. Soon fading with waves

Soon fade haircuts

Pat Regan

The blur of a high bare fade provides a striking contrast to dark waves at the top. The skin fade is a stylish and versatile addition to any men’s hairstyle.

Soon fade haircuts

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