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Slick Back: supposedly easy to style, difficult to master

Slick Back hairstyles are also in fashion in 2018. It is quite clear that these are supposedly easy to style, but they are difficult to master. The Slick Back is a hairstyle that holds all hair out of the face, insofar as it has been brought into shape with a corresponding styling product.

Even with this hairstyle, it is recommended to take from your own hairdresser, a little volume of hair, in which they are thinned a little. This not only allows a simpler styling, but makes wearing the hairstyle a little more pleasant in the summer. What else you have to pay attention to, you will find out below.

Slick Back – David Beckham says hello …

The Slick Back is probably the most likely to associate with David Beckham. And this does not quite fit. Beckham himself carries a variation of it, the pompadour . The one track wilder and cheeky comes along. The slick back itself is much more elegant and tidier in appearance. Instead of shaping the hair accordingly with gel, wax or other aids, Pompadour sets at first only on a round brush, which is used after showering. Comparable to The Quiff or the Great , which one knows from Elvis Presley.

When slick back it is not necessarily synonymous to the cut. But much more on the fact what you do with your own hair. Say, the right styling is crucial. As a result, you will be a lot more flexible in styling the hairstyle, as in other men’s hairstyles.

Slick Back – Can I wear this?

Now that we know what’s behind the Slick Back, a key question comes up: Does the hairstyle suit me? In my post Which hairstyle suits me? I have already answered this. Below, however, go a little closer to it. The slick back works best with naturally straight hair. Curly hair is not ideal because it tends not to stay in shape, or only with a correspondingly high proportion of styling agents.

Slick Back: supposedly easy to style, difficult to master

Photo by Fábio Scaletta on Unsplash

Even for fine hair, the Slick Back is not necessarily suitable. In combination with gel gets too thin hair a shimmering appearance, which does not make too much. One of the main differences to Pompadour is that the Slick Back is extremely firm. Say, if you pass your hand through the hairstyle, it stays in its state, but in Pompadour it is easier to confuse and confuse.

Basically, you should also pay attention to whether the slick back fits your everyday life. The hairstyle is noticeable. Therefore, one should have enough self-confidence to wear them. If this is given, you can do almost nothing wrong. Because the hairstyle fits almost every face shape. Only to round faces the Slick Back is not the first choice. Here you should then put on a different hair style.

The classic interpretation

The classic slick-back is the easiest to style and maintain. It is only the hair regularly to wash and care, since the hair styling products used to dry over time and then peel off. At least if you try to wear the hairstyle for several days.

It is advisable to apply a correspondingly strong pomade to the hair immediately after showering and to press the hair into the desired shape. Afterwards you can dry your own hair in a natural way. This version is definitely a guarantee that the classic Slick Back is worn successfully. Alternatively, you can bet on weaker gels or pastes. But here you run the risk that the hairstyle loses its desired shape.

Interpreted as Pompadour

To be fair, it has to be said that Pompadour is an independent hairstyle. Nevertheless, this goes through as a modification of the slick back in everyday life. In everyday life, this interpretation of the classic, elegant hairstyle is relatively simple to wear. The main hair is hereby allowed to grow longer than the side hair. Respectively, you shorten the lateral hair accordingly.

Slick Back: supposedly easy to style, difficult to master

Photo by Romane Domenech on Unsplash

Above all, the difference is the right styling. Hair dryer, hair mousse or a texture spray form the basis of Pompadour. Before it is finally brought into shape with a light pomade or paste. And finally fixed by hair spray. So you realize. Easy to wear, but quite expensive to style. Especially using a variety of corresponding products.

As undercut – summery short …

If the side hair on the Pompadour is already too short cut, it does not really have to read any further on the version of the Slick Back inspired by the Undercut . Because here the side hair is again worn a whole track shorter. Therefore not necessarily the everyday hairstyle for the classic office job. Unless you have a corresponding, healthy self-confidence.

The upper hair should have a length of at least four to six centimeters in this variant. The hair on the back and sides should be cut as short as possible. However, this also requires that you have to visit the hairdresser at regular intervals to keep the hairstyle in check. Or according to your own hands. When slick back undercut it is then but mainly to keep the side lot tidy, the upper hair must be cut maximally every third hairdresser visit.

Slick back with tapered cut

This version of the Slick Back is probably the most modern. Therefore, you can be sure to see this style in a few years. Again, the upper hair is much longer than the side part and the hair on the back. Laterally, however, it is finely graduated and also knows a certain length. As a result, it can be pushed back with the styling of the upper hair and makes the hairstyle appear as if it tapers in a fluid movement backwards.

Slick Back: supposedly easy to style, difficult to master

Photo by Jaizer Capangpangan on Unsplash

The variant with the tapered cut is therefore styled just like the “normal” classic slick back. Just after a shower, apply a solid pomade and shape the hair accordingly. Hair spray is used to ensure that the Slick Back with its tapered cut retains its shape. In addition, this can bring a little more volume, if you want.

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Slick Back: supposedly easy to style, difficult to master

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