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Skin care tips in winter for men

Maybe not the most masculine topic here on the blog, but skincare is just as much part of the lifestyle of the modern man as chic cars , stylish watches or sporty sneakers . Especially in winter, our skin is struggling with cold, dry air and constantly running heaters, which causes it to be deprived of moisture and to get dry skin very quickly.

Dry skin is not very handsome and does not feel good, as I know from my own experience. Therefore, it is important to make this winter to avoid rough, scaly, itchy dry skin. With the following five tips, you can already achieve a lot, for example, to prevent dry skin on the face from becoming a problem.
Skin care tips in winter for men
If you’ve had experience with dry skin yourself, and have remedies to help against it, such as facial creams or special skincare, I’m glad to share your experience in the comments with me and the other readers.

Dry skin is a common problem

Dry skin occurs when the skin’s natural fatigue and moisture regulation is disturbed. As a result, the skin becomes rough and brittle, tense and forms in extreme cases, cracks and dehydration eczema. Especially in the elderly, dry skin is a widespread problem, because with increasing age, the moisture of the skin decreases more and more. But also with younger ones it can come to problems with dry skin, especially in winter, if one is exposed to external factors such as changing temperatures, humidity differences, etc ..

Dry skin in men – a balanced diet helps

Anyone who has thought that I suggest a face cream for men to prevent dry skin is wrong. Because the ideal prevention begins with the right diet. Because what many people forget is that the skin is an organ and like almost every other organ, it needs to be watered to live. But especially in winter, this is difficult because the skin is heavily stressed by external influences such as cold, dry air and constantly running heaters.
Skin care tips in winter for men
To prevent the skin from drying, it is therefore advisable to take care of a balanced diet. For example, fresh fruits and vegetables provide important minerals and vitamins for the skin cells. But not only that should be built on. Sufficient water, fruit spritzers, fruit or herbal teas also help to ensure that the skin gets enough water and does not dry out from the inside out.

Therefore, it is essential to constantly remember to drink plenty of water. A little tip from my side, make sure that always a filled glass of water is within reach. As a result, you can not help but think about drinking regularly. At least that helps me a lot. At the same time, however, one should keep the alcohol consumption under control, as this only strains sensitive skin unnecessarily.

A facial cleansing in the form of a scrub knows how to help

At first glance, peeling may seem contradictory, but even in the colder months of the year, it is important to remove dead skin cells from the surface. When choosing a suitable exfoliant product, make sure that it contains glycolic acid, which makes it easier to remove dead skin and dead cells.

“Glycolic acid with optimal pH levels stimulates collagen synthesis and strengthens facial lines. Eliminates dead cells of the upper skin layer, reduces its thickness and softens the upper layer of the skin. “

The easiest and gentlest way to exfoliate is to use a cleansing cream regularly and to wash the face with a washcloth. Move it over the face with light pressure and circular movements. Especially in winter, it is recommended not every day to perform a scrub, once or twice a week is quite sufficient. Otherwise the following applies:

  • Use pH-neutral care, this prevents the additional drying out of the skin
  • Avoid facial cleanser with added alcohol
  • Use non-perfumed care products to avoid skin irritation
  • Use care products only in small quantities

Moisture is an absolute must for proper skin care

If you have now cleaned your face and freed the dry skin from dead skin cells, it is important to take care of the skin and restore moisture. When choosing the right face cream, it is important to make sure that it fits your own skin type. In people with rather greasy skin is recommended a light moisturizer, if you have a dry skin, you have to resort more to a heavy face cream. Especially dry and horny areas of the skin can be cared for with anhydrous creams.

What is definitely not a bad thing in winter, regardless of skin type, is the use of a moisturizing face cream. It’s best to talk to your dermatologist about which cream is right for facial care on dry skin. Of course, what’s good for the face does not hurt the rest of the body either. Therefore, one should be careful to care for the skin on the whole body. Again, it is advisable to seek the opinion of your own dermatologist.

Sun protection in winter – really?

One point that I did not even think about for this article prior to my research is the fact that protecting the sun in winter also plays an important role for the skin. Because even at the coldest time of the year, sends out these UV rays, which is currently exposed to walks or winter sports.

Therefore, it is recommended to use at least a care pen for the brittle lips with an additional UV filter when traveling outdoors. An easy way to combine your own skin care with appropriate sunscreen is the use of a moisturizer with sun protection factor.

Even when shaving you should (s) pay attention to his skin!

I have already covered the subject of the right shave several times here in the blog, as you can see for example, so I do not take it completely, but only focus on important points for proper skincare in winter. Like a shave in spring or summer, even in winter, the best time to do so is right after a hot shower, when the pores are open. When choosing shaving cream or shaving cream, make sure that it has not only protection against cuts but also moisturizing properties.
Skin care tips in winter for men
It is also true that the razor should not be the cheapest and therefore of the quality rather poorer copy. Because a real tool, which is the razor in this case, is needed in every activity, this saves you unnecessary razor burn and ingrown hair. The choice of After Shave or Shave Balm should also be considered carefully, it is also advisable to look for products with a special moisturizer.

Take care of your skin and you’re fine

As we have now learned, our skin is exposed to external influences every day, in winter significantly more than in summer. But I also showed that with a little more attention to daily skin care, you can do a lot right to prevent dry skin.

Just a few minor changes to the daily routine help moisturise your skin and prevent discomfort or irritation from dry skin.

Skin care tips in winter for men

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