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Six trendy hairstyles for men with long hair

One thing I’ve noticed in my circle of friends and acquaintances over the years, no matter if you’re wearing your hair long, short or in between, in most cases it stays true to that hair style for a while. For a long time, I personally wear my hair rather short to medium, depending on how quickly I get a new appointment with my hairdresser.

Hairstyles for men with long hair in summer

Especially in the summer, however, long hairstyles, due to the temperatures, may not be the ideal choice. Nevertheless, I have tried in today’s post a few trendy hairstyles for men with long hair together. Because even in the summer you do not want to part with it as a man, understandable, if you consider how much time for the growth and care of the hair was invested.

The Bun

Six trendy hairstyles for men with long hair

Photo by russn_fckr on Unsplash

Certainly one of the hairstyles for men with long hair, which can be styled relatively quickly and easily. You do not need more than long hair and a hair tie. Ok, a little skill in styling itself can not hurt, but is more a matter of practice than natural talent. The Bun has been making its rounds for the last two years and can be found on the minds of many stars, athletes and, of course, hipsters.

If the Bun is not too masculine, just keep in mind that brave samurai warriors have worn this hairstyle. Is it still more male? A little way, so you can combine the hairstyle with a three-day or full beard to achieve a more masculine look. You can wear the haircut both to suit and loose to jeans and shirt.

The Half Braid

Six trendy hairstyles for men with long hair

Photo by Taylor Grote on Unsplash

This hairstyle is the successful combination of a braid, which is formed from the upper hair, with fine, light pigtails in the lower hair. Definitely a style that needs more exercise than the bun, but does not look that boring. The name is in this hairstyle program, so “Half Braid” translates literally for “half braided”.

Braids from the English braid = lichen refers to a braided hairstyle, which consists of many thin braids and is braided with a three-strand braiding technique. In the Half Braid, however, this braided hairstyle does not stretch over the entire head, but is limited only to the under hair of the wearer. The simple braid makes the hairstyle a bit stricter and becomes an eye-catcher in everyday life. Promised!

Medium waves

Six trendy hairstyles for men with long hair

Photo by Quinten de Graaf on Unsplash

Even with this hairstyle, the name actually reveals everything you need to know. So the hair is worn here rather medium to long and accumulate on the head in the form of light waves. For this, the hair is combed from front to back, but without relying on the excessive use of hair styling products. Naturalness sets the tone here.

Braids and Shaved

Six trendy hairstyles for men with long hair

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

While the Braided and Shaved style was the shaved part that attracts attention, the Braided and Shaved style was the Half Braid. This hairstyle is said from the beginning that you should have a healthy self-esteem, because you certainly attract a lot of attention.

This style shines through striking, plaited braids in the upper area, the lower part of the hair is clearly trimmed, that only one hairline can be seen. This creates a clear contrast between the two areas, which makes the hairstyle so stylish and ensures that you risk more than a look.

The Viking

Six trendy hairstyles for men with long hair

Photo by Mean Shadows on Unsplash

What I described earlier in the Bun as the next level of masculinity: Bun + Vollbart, find its completion at the Viking. In this hairstyle for men with long hair just these are worn open and put on display. The look is rounded off by a clear full beard. Here it is wonderful to play with the structure of the hair. So they can come along smooth and gentle, the beard, however, reveals frizzy and wild. Opposites that work wonderfully together.

Au Natural

Six trendy hairstyles for men with long hair

Photo by Fábio Scaletta on Unsplash

If nothing works, then in any case, naturalness. Nothing else describes the Au Natural Style hairstyles for men with long hair. Simply wear the hair as it has grown, without great styling or too much effort in terms of styling products and Co. Can look good, right?

Six trendy hairstyles for men with long hair

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