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Side part hairstyles for men 2017

Side part hairstyles for men 2017

Side hairstyles for men are the classic of classic men’s hairstyles and haircuts . Just how it works.

Simply comb a piece into damp hair and work your hair in place. You can use a hair dryer or air dry, finish with the product or go natural.

However, the classic combo is not the only way to rock the side-part hairstyle. Some of the popular looks for 2017 are side pieces with more length, lots of volume and a touch of texture. It can work with short cuts, wavy or curly hair and more.

Check out some classic and fresh ways to wear part-part hairstyles for men in 2017.

1. Classic side section hairstyle


Andrew makes hair

The Side Part Hairstyle is a classic haircut for men who just looks good. This version retains the traditional proportions, but has a texture that updates it for 2017.

2nd side part of medium length


Sam wines

For men with medium-length hair, the side part is a way to give the hair a bit of structure and thereby let a lot of water flow. It may be a good choice for a second day hairstyle, especially with some dry shampoo to absorb oil and increase volume.

3rd side part + middle fade

Side part hairstyles for men 2017

Juan Morales

The side panel is a versatile hairstyle that lends itself to a variety of shapes and textures. This cool version is something of a pomp that tilts on one side with a high volume and medium hides.

4. Structured spikes

Side part hairstyles for men 2017

Dang schneidet Haare

A side panel plus texture adds a bit of business to otherwise spiky casually. This cut can be made in other parts of the page.

5. Curved side panel + fringes


Josh Connolly

This young guy is stylish beyond his years. A departure from the usual side hairstyle, this fresh look mates a curved part with a fringe of fringes that balance out like yin and yang.

6. Undercut hairstyle + side part


Alan Schnabel

This broken interrupted connection is usually styled in a smooth back or loosely worn on one side. For something a little different, work back as usual, but add a side piece for a look of precision and a lot of flow.

7. High Volume Page Part + High Fade


Ryan Cullen

A modern version of the side piece, this cool style is all about length and volume, and a soft shadow fades on the sides and back.

8. Side part for wavy hair

Side part hairstyles for men 2017

Justin A.

The side panel is an excellent choice for people with wavy or even curly hair. The length on the top shows natural texture while the cut and style keep hair light and under control.

9. High and Tight + Hard Part


Julius Cvesar

If you can not separate the hair with a comb, shave one side instead. The shaved line is a bold contrast to kinky curls and gentle fading.

10. Side panel is undercut


Diana Pour

The side part style also works for short men’s hairstyles. Just define a part with a razor or comb, the latter is for the barber, and work hair on the opposite side.

11. Slick side part + high fade

Side part hairstyles for men 2017

Shawn Barbz

The shiny combo says retro, but the high fade and full beard make for a cool and modern haircut.

12. Side Panel + Low Soon Fade


Charlie Böll hairdresser

The Seitenteilfrisur looks good for every angle. The defined part is visible hair as a transition between a faded and long hair at the top.

Side part hairstyles for men 2017

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Side part hairstyles for men 2017

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