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Shaving with shaving cream and wet razors – that's the way it works

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There was not a classic annual review in this and also at the end of last year on men-style, but of course one thinks of the past of course. That’s how I became aware that the change from a dry to a wet shaver started towards the end of 2015. Say, at least in my own four walls, I shave wet in the future, when we travel on the road, of course, comes with a classic dry shaver.

System razors, razors or razors – what can it be?

If you deal with wet shaving, you will notice that there are countless ways to shave. The best known is probably the shaving with the razor, which of course is the most dangerous with respect to injuries, if one is not used to the right handling. Therefore, I decided to start with a system shaver in the wet shaving and then work with increasing experience on the plane to razor.

“Men need an average of 170 shavers for their facial shaving. Most of these features are additional reruns that can be done without the protection of shaving gel and thereby cause skin irritation. “

I decided to choose my system shaver for the new Gillette ProShield , because the company gets a handle on this issue that we men were not aware of until now. Looking at the current analysis of more than 10,000 shaving trains at the Gillette Reading Innovation Center, it is noticeable that a man needs an average of 170 shaving razors for a shave, but 120 of these shaving trains are so-called retraining trains, where the protective and skin-friendly shaving gel resp the shaving soap has already been removed with the first shaving train.

Shaving with shaving cream and wet razors - that's the way it works

Thus, the skin is unprotected during the repetition, which can lead to shaving skin irritation and redness. Something you definitely do not want to have. With the ProShield, Gillette has now developed a razor, which offers thanks to nourishing Lubrastrips before and after the blades, even on retraces improved skin protection without having to lather again. Very convenient!

The Gillette ProShield in view

Looking a little closer to the Gillette ProShield, one notices that the company not only uses the new blade head with lubrication before and after the blades to protect against irritation, but also uses the well-known Flexball technology. This allows a particularly thorough shave and maximum contact even in difficult places.

Shaving with shaving cream and wet razors - that's the way it works

The already mentioned Lubrastrips protect and care for the skin before each Rasierzug, thereby preventing without additional effort possible skin irritation and redness. Furthermore, these allow a gentler gliding over the skin. The Gillette ProShield also has the advantage that it has more blades than a razor or razor. This is advantageous in that the more blades the razor blade has, the lower the stress on the skin surface during shaving.

Alternatively, the Gillette ProShield is available as a chill variant in blue, which additionally cools the skin during shaving. Both versions are available for € 12.99 each in the trade.

Shaving soap must not be missing in a successful wet shave

If you have already decided to consciously take time for your wet shave, then you should also open your own shaving cream and apply foaming to the skin. It does not need much: a shaving soap, a badger hair brush and a bowl.

First, the shaving brush is soaked in warm water for one minute, before gently brushing some soap off the shaving soap. This is stripped off in the bowl and whipped with circular movements to make shaving cream. Initially, large soap bubbles form, which become smaller and smaller as they continue to hit, but increase in number. After about half a minute you have a solid shaving cream.

Apply this with circular movements on the skin, soak it well for a minute or two, depending on the thickness of the beard, and then the Gillette ProShield can go to work. If you do not want to bother making your own shaving cream, Gillette also has the right product for you, such as Gillette Fusion ProGlide 2-in-1 Shaving Gel Alpine Clean.

Shaving with shaving cream and wet razors - that's the way it works

I would like to emphasize once again that the Gillette ProShield delivers a good result not only on the first 50 trains with shaving cream, but also on the 120 replicate trains without foam, which every man does on average during his shave.

Shaving with shaving cream and wet razors - that's the way it works

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