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Ryan Cullen: top men's hairstylist

Ryan Cullen: top men's hairstylist

Ryan Cullen is an exceptional men’s hairdresser from Newry, Northern Ireland. How many of the cuts we’ve seen of barbers across the pond ? These hairstyles are bold and innovative. These fresh looks, which are not satisfied with wash-and-cut cuts, combine expert barbering and unique styling.

Here are 5 of his last cool undercuts, faded with hair designs and heavily textured looks for men.

1. Structured Hair + Skin Fade + Lateral Surgical Part

Ryan Cullen: top men's hairstylist

This fresh style is a happy combination of precision barber and tousled styling. The top shows some ash-blonde stripes worn in textured waves on the back and lace at the front. The sides and back are short, with a curved razor blade portion on the temple over a skin that fades to the hairline. This high-contrast exercise is a winning combination.

2. Drop Fade Loose Combover

Ryan Cullen: top men's hairstylist

Here is another cut with length above and faded sides. Thick wavy hair is processed on one side with enough clutter to keep it cool.

The rest of the head fades ultra clean with a drop following the arch of the hairline behind the ear. You can keep fading fresh with frequent barbershop visits, but it also looks good.

3. Long curly fringe + High fading

Ryan Cullen: top men's hairstylist

This long pony with chaotic volume is one of the hottest hair trends for guys this year. With the right haircut curly hair practically adapts to. Layering and holding the pages and back briefly makes it easy to make curls do their thing.

Just use a touch of curl cream or a light product to define curls and tame frizz. The high bleaching keeps the pages extremely short and clean.

4. Medium fade + thick structured hair

Ryan Cullen: top men's hairstylist

This man’s cut gets a lot of depth of hair color and several textures. The top is shaped into thick waves, resulting in a modern version of the ducktail .

To achieve this distinctive look, a combination of blow drying and hair care is required. One way to get strong hold with less product is to use a gel or gel-like product on damp hair before applying heat. This helps to train hair to get up and means that another product can be applied for support and texture.

In addition to skin bleaching, the edges of the forehead are defined with an arrangement for a pin sharp and geometric finish.

5. Shadow fade with a step and texture on top

Ryan Cullen: top men's hairstylist

If you are looking for a unique look, let your hairdresser know and they will gladly unleash their creativity. Ryan Cullen does it again with a cut that stands out from the rest.

The main highlight hair is the prominent step under the part that adds unexpected dimension. On the top, the hair is artfully textured with lots of height at the front.

Last but not least, notice how the angle of the sideburns interacts with the beard. As a result, beard and haircut work together seamlessly. Most hairdressers also trim beards, so let your whole head look together for the most at the same time.

Ryan Cullen: top men's hairstylist

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Ryan Cullen: top men's hairstylist

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