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Rebellious hairstyles

They were ferocious, a thorn in the side of the older generation, and they just pulled off their throats: rock’n’roll legend Elvis Presley and actor James Dean were considered big rebels in the 1950s and were and are being adopted by their supporters for their style – her clothes and her casual hairstyles – celebrated.

Do what you want!

One on the way: With every hair length “man” can get the rebel look. There is no such thing as a style – what pleases and makes you happy. It was meant to look casual and wild, but not too stylish. Do not worry, no tattoos are needed for a rebellious look, a casual leather jacket, heavy boots and well-fitting jeans are enough.

Steps, fringes, blond or colorful strands, plaited braids or a bun are worn by the “rebel of today”! In combination with a three-day beard, beard or yes, even a mustache, the rocking, wild look is only perfect.

Rebellious hairstyles

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