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Reading lesson for men: Fashion magazines for men

With the Tablet PC in hand, access to numerous blogs and online magazines opens up. Nevertheless, the reading feeling is not comparable to the relaxed scrolling in the printed magazine. Especially in autumn and winter, when the hours of sunshine shorten, photos, stories and the rustling of the paper of a magazine enrich the deserved end of workday .

But who now confident runs to the kiosk, quickly disappoints. Because the reading food for the gentlemen is clear and not to be found on every magazine rack.

In this article, we present some popular men’s magazines with the focus on ” Fashion & Style “.

Which fashion men’s magazines are there?

In fact, women can not complain when it comes to the attention of the print media. Numerous formats for a variety of interests and genres compete for the favor of fashion fans, family managers and career women.

The group, which is dedicated to the country’s dominions, has little to offer beyond the sports press and motorsport leaflets.

Reading tip – Be inspired by fashion:

Nevertheless, there are a few magazines and fashion magazines that explicitly commit to the man.

Men’s Health – Fitness & Fashion

The English edition of the magazine actually summarizes “The Men’s Guide to Fitness” . In fact, the focus is on topics for active athletes with the right health tips and related nutritional issues.

However, the focus is less on the current account, but more on the visual performance of the vital men.

Accordingly, there is also a solid category for styling in the magazine, which presents, for example, jackets for modern man, progressive hairstyles for men or presentable beach wear.

Gala Men – Fashion, Beauty & Fitness

Almost every man had the classic “Gala” ever in his hand – whether at the hairdresser or in the waiting room. Also in the counterpart for men are some stories and glossy pictures around the life of the celebrities. There is also no lack of contributions to masculine outfits and tips on fitness or beauty in this men’s magazine.

InStyleMen – fashion for men

InStyle has been one of the most popular fashion magazines for women in the US for 20 years. There is now a German version and a separate work for men. There are also plenty of tips for the gentlemen of creation about the trendy fashion parquet, it-pieces the sustainable body care and the trendy lifestyle.

GQ – men’s magazine for style

The acronym stands for Gentlemen’s Quarterly and a leaf with tradition Since 1957, the American model has been added to the journalistic scene. The editorial work itself defines itself as a men’s magazine for style and aspiration, which is thematically reflected in the magazine.

The crew of GQ captures the news of the catwalks, offers upscale tips and presents new lifestyle objects from vehicle to clock.

As the name implies, the Zoom is aimed more at the collections of top designers and the innovations of renowned companies.

L’UOMO – Italian fashion magazine for men

The cream cake among the men’s magazines requires profound knowledge of the Italian language and is therefore not a treat for every German gentleman. For decades, the print medium has enjoyed an excellent reputation.

Already the arrangement of the contributions and the presented photographs clarify to the reader what the good school of the style is. That’s why it pays to have an intense look at the layout when the magazine falls into your hands.

The L’UOMO men’s fashion magazine is an offshoot of Italian Vogue and not to be confused with the Vogue Men, which is published in the US.

Of course, there is nothing against browsing the American magazine to scan the upscale trends beyond the Hugo Boss suits and Armani Jeans.

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Reading lesson for men: Fashion magazines for men

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