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Part 2: Haircuts and Face Shape

Based on the many questions on how to talk to your hairdresser , you really want to know about face shapes and the best haircuts to match. Above all, it is not necessary to know this. It is part of the training and experience that all hairdressers and stylists have. As you ask Brad Pitt’s Fury hairstyle , they rate how to work for your face shape and hair type. So if you are worried about not knowing, do not do it. Use this energy to find someone you trust with your hair, and you’re guaranteed to get a big haircut.

Second, there is no relationship between face shape and attractiveness. There are celebrities with every face shape, even round and long. It’s all about finding the best hairstyle for you. Last, but not least, do not worry so much about your face shape or appearance. Focus on the things you can change, such as care and clothing. Trendy clothes that fit and a great haircut (and beard, if you like) are more eye-catching than anything else.

If you still want to know, here’s what you need to know about face shapes that determine the most flattering haircuts and what kind of glasses look the best.

How to find your face shape

Sometimes the face shape is obvious, but not always. Use the pictures and guidelines below to determine your face shape or try to trace the outline of your face in a mirror with a bar of soap. The key is to focus on the proportions of your face rather than the actual features. If all else fails, ask your hairdresser or hairdresser for the next cut.

Oval – This proportional face shape has a ratio of about 3 lengths to 2 widths. The defining feature of an oval face is the absence of dominant angles or corners on the forehead, cheeks and chin. Each hairstyle will work for oval faces, so have fun experimenting with a range of styles. Here’s Jake Gyllenhaal in a classic short hairstyle paired with a short beard, but you’ve seen him rock everything from a military buzz to long hair worn in a man’s bun.

Part 2: Haircuts and Face Shape

Rounds – If you have a round face, you probably already know (and thank you for all the questions). A round face is about the same length and wide with full cheeks and no corners in the jaw. While overweight can soften a face, round faces are more often the result of genetics.

Hairstyles for a round face should add height, angle, or both. Outstanding choices are an undercut, smooth-shaven strands of hair or a false hawk. If you want to wear the hair, try a slanted pony and definitely a side piece. Stephen Rahman-Hughes Honed hair with angular edges are a trend and a point.

Part 2: Haircuts and Face Shape
Picture: GoPixPic

Square – This is the traditionally masculine face shape and is considered an ideal form for men (oval is ideal for women). A chiseled jaw and an edgy forehead are often portrayed in action or military roles such as GI Joe cartoons and any film in which Arnold Schwarzenegger was.

Each haircut goes like this, choosing a short or dotted back style to highlight your facial features or soften the hairline with pony. A tapered look that reflects the shape of your chin is also an excellent option for square-edged men or for the straight spiky style of Nick Lachey .

Part 2: Haircuts and Face Shape
Picture: NBC

Heart / Triangle – These are the most common face shapes. A heart-shaped face has an angular chin and a broader forehead. In a triangle these features are more pronounced, with a broader forehead and a narrow, sometimes pointed chin. The only thing to avoid is to add the width over the ears. Otherwise everything goes smoothly and you can highlight your face shape with spikes or straight hair or alternatively wear hair forward to soften the hairline. David Boreanaz rocks his typical prickly style, which looks just as good on Agent Booth as it does on Angel.

Part 2: Haircuts and Face Shape
Image: Hamptons magazine about bone spoilers

Long – Another common face shape, long faces are about twice as long as wide. Any additional height for this face shape should be balanced with a certain width. To reduce the appearance of the length, choose a cut that wears hair over the forehead. We have good authority that these Johnny Depp Styles are longer men’s next hair trend .

The general advice is not to increase the altitude, but the setting “Always Trendy” Ryan Gosling defies these guidelines and you can too.

Part 2: Haircuts and Face Shape
Image: GQ

Face shape and specific styles

Underbidding – shaving the sides and back of the head in a underbid is a dominant men’s hairstyle trend right now. It can work for any face shape because what you do with the hair on top is more important than the sides. For a long face, avoid any height and some hair pushed over the forehead looks best. Everyone else does what you want. There is a reason why the undercut was such a durable style – it looks good for all men.

Beards – Facial hair can also be used to improve or change your face shape. A beard can be cut into a square shape to contrast a round face, or it can be worn rounded to soften an angular face. Emphasize an angular chin with a short stubble beard. Zach Galifianakis shows the dramatic difference that a well-groomed beard can make.

Part 2: Haircuts and Face Shape

This guide should help you identify your face shape and figure out which styles are best for hugging or avoiding. If you’re still not sure Talk to your barber or stylist for a personalized rating.

Next week is part 3 – Hair Types – How to Treat Thick Hair, Thin Hair, Curly Hair, Wavy Hair and More.

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Part 2: Haircuts and Face Shape

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