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Odell Beckham haircut

Odell Beckham haircut

Odell Beckham Jr., broad receiver for the New York Giants, is almost as famous for his hairstyles as his athletic ability. His signature Mohawk fade haircut has evolved over time in length and color.

One thing that remains the same are faded pages and medium curls. The men’s hairstyles will be longer in 2017 and Beckham is ahead of this trend.

Check out the most famous versions of the Odell Beckham hairstyle.

1. Burst fade Mohawk

Odell Beckham haircut

The famous haircut by Odell Beckham began as one of the favorite Burrow fade Mohawk with two-tone paint. This is a cool haircut for curly hair, especially kinky curly hair that retains its shape.

2. Wide Mohawk

Odell Beckham haircut

Here’s another look at the same haircut from the front. The burst fade extends to the hairline to achieve a high fade effect from this angle.

3. Medium long curls

Odell Beckham haircut

Getty Images

Over time, this Odell Beckham wears the Mohawk haircut longer and brighter in color.

4. Long Mohawk

Odell Beckham haircut

John Minchillo – Associated Press

Longer hair at the top contrasts with a fresh line and fades. The hair can be worn more vertically if it is not crushed by a football helmet.

5. Matted tips

Odell Beckham haircut

The hair is longer and lighter again, while the beard grows out of a goatee.

6. Mohawk Fade Haircut

Odell Beckham haircut

Business Wire

The distinctive Mohawk profile is recognizable in the side view and highlighted in blond. This cut stays sharp during regular hairdressing visits to keep the edges fresh and add a hair design.

7. Platinum Mohawk

Odell Beckham haircut

Al Bello – Getty Images

Platinum ends up against black hair.

8. Odell Beckham haircut from the back

Odell Beckham haircut

Insert magazine

The broad mohawk also looks good from the back. The cut tapers to the décolleté and has a fade for a clean finish.

9. Headband

Odell Beckham haircut

Charles Wenzelberg- New York Post

Sometimes a headband with long curly hair is necessary.

Odell Beckham haircut

Check, then

The beard is a stylish trend for 2015 that suits all men. Even better, …

Odell Beckham haircut

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