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Nail clippers for men – a practical helper in everyday life

When I first read about a gender-specific assignment of nail clippers , I thought of a kind of joke or publicity stunt and was skeptical, almost amused. The question of why asked me for the time being a question mark. Is not at least one big nail clippers suitable for everyone? Are fingers and toes of the same person not different in size anyway, so that a device should compensate anyway? But if you seriously think about it, the assignment becomes plausible.

Nail clippers for men and women – not the same?

The anatomy of the sexes, at least in their principles, gives answers. Just as women with the typical body structure of a large nail clipper can give the nail concerned only a corner of a large Knipsers a declaration of war, the man annoyed with his typical physique regularly and over again with too small nail clippers around. Even the short cutting surface can degenerate into a Sisyphus work.

The question of meaning is often asked but only with appropriate food for thought: Yes, sex-specific Nagelknipser make sense. Even the rounding of the utility object, which can not be brought into line with the nail and the adjacent body part, ensures problematic handling until it is useless. The consequences are not only in nuisance and enforced contortions during the application, but can be enough to an unkempt look and even to ingrown nails. The latter can be quite painful.

For nail clippers for men or women, there is only one caveat to be made: there is no one hundred percent in anatomy. A well-built man and a petite woman can have problems with just a nail warmer in the household. But where the statures are located in mediocrity, a unisex clippers can be enough.

Whether the first group belongs to the vast majority or to a minority, nobody is able to answer. But if you realize that the nail cut is difficult or even painful, it should try with a different size. Many deliberately resort to larger clippers and others prefer to play with the small models.

Nail clippers for men - a practical helper in everyday life

Of course, the easier grip with larger snaps is better for everyone, just not the measure of things in use. You should try both variants and therefore has it easier. The prices certainly allow a certain experimentation.

The exact dimensions of a nail clipper are usually included in the product description. Maybe you should take the trouble to measure your own nail bed and make the decision based. If you decide for a nail clippers for men, you can save yourself – unless you are rather tender on your hands and feet.

Tips for choosing the nail clippers

The question of the respective quality and usefulness is to be answered “unisex”. A sharp cut is always important. Therefore, nail scissors tend to be the worse choice for clippers because they are comparatively weak and inaccurate. Because protruding parts of a foot or fingernail, which were only “tweaked” but not completely removed, can tear down deeply and cause wounds.

Integrated nail files from yesteryear are simply ridiculous – a small area with grooves can not do anything. However, there are now models with proper surfaces for filing, which are just sufficient in men and spare the additional use of nail files. You can work and store more efficiently with just one device. In order to prevent tearing, the hands should be filed shortly afterwards.

Nail clippers for men - a practical helper in everyday life

Also important is the material, although the look is almost always the same. It must be stainless – it’s clear that stainless steel meets the requirements. Before a cleaver rusts today, he falls apart. If you still have a relic from past eras at home that uses rust, you should swap it quickly. That can be dangerous. The new utensil should be disinfectable without loss of quality – a process that should always be followed by contact with blood. All it takes is a small flame from a lighter.

From the point of view of the leverage is to reduce the necessary force. If you find in the product description the indication that even hard nails can be treated, this is a good indication of high functionality – clippers for professionals are incidentally priced at the same level and must be adapted to the toughest nails. The descriptions usually provide information about this.

The shape should be designed ergonomically and is recognizable by the slight bending. But even a straight line should be present, because with her the growth of nails is best combated. There would also be a type of pliers, which also has some suitability with lateral slopes, but is much higher in price. Due to the size but you can work with less feeling and it certainly takes some getting used to. So much for the basics.

But what excites the mind after the purchase? Online reviews of customers are as good as ever available. With one small caveat: Personally, I consider it untrustworthy for a nail clipper to be scored almost 100 times shortly after hiring on an online portal, mostly in the form of praises.

In practice, who makes this effort with a purchase amount at the level of typical tip? Caution is also advised, if there are reviews, so the clippers can not quite close – he is useless. One should pay attention to such things with the customer voices.

The price differences with nail clippers

In itself, I would not care if a commodity, which can usually be used regularly for years, is at the lower or upper end of a single-digit price scale. In this respect certainly expects a “expensive” nail fur. Known names of renowned producers usually do not need trickery and a reputation to lose.

It is always interesting to compare the same models – provided that someone would like to make more or less of this effort for a few euros or cents. My tip is to combine small utensils due to the shipping costs or to combine them with other purchases – even if the purchase is still not so urgent yet.

Current highlights – necessary or not?

Today there are models with LED light, magnifying glasses or both. Of course, that sounds like luxury, but it’s also a helpful innovation that adds value in everyday life. Also 3D blades are already available as well as complementary creams. The latter make sense because the skin and nails soften after a pre-treatment – an effect that also occurs after the bath or shower.

Due to these highly professional commodities is increasingly dispensed with a pedicure set. After usability aspects, these are increasingly becoming a thing of the past and have become obsolete. Instead, you really should rather compare the clippers and make an individually appropriate choice.

Nail clippers for men - a practical helper in everyday life

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