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My first shave – a look back

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Here at you have often read about the topic of shaving, whether this was my 1 × 1 of the shave or my contributions to wet shaving or dry shave . But a real review, how I shave, did not exist yet. Do not be disappointed, because there is not today, but I dare look back on my first shave and experience with a razor.

Reason for this review is Gillette, because this had me wondering if I can still remember my first shave and if my father was involved in any way or has helped me. What a question, but if you take a look at the calendar, then you will certainly have a clear background. Because today is known Father’s Day and why should not even on a day such a digress a little into the past and report on shared experiences with his father.

The first shave – far from effective

When I thought about my first shave, it came to me exactly two first times to mind. The first time I smeared shaving cream on my face and got my father a disposable razor, with protective cap on it, in the hand and “shaved” with it.

The special thing about it, the cap was constantly shaving on the disposable razor on it, so that I could not hurt myself, I only saw the bathroom mirror because I was standing on a stool and in general I was with my six years still pretty hairless on the face , But honestly, that did not stop me from shaving.

It may have happened to you either way. And now, years later, I have to smile a little when I think about what it must have looked like back then. Was certainly a picture for gods.

Then it was serious – the first real shave

The first real shave came only a few years later. Here I have to say that I never really had a lot of beard growth. Some of my former classmates were already confused with Chewbacca, but at first there was more to me than the first down. But that should not stop me on my second first time shaving. Once again, I asked my father for a little support, because I really did not have a plan for what you’re doing.

Again shaving foam was used, again a disposable shaver and this time I could even see the mirror without the help of a stool or similar device. Should also be possible with 15.5 years. My dad gave me the advice to leave the shaving cream on the skin a bit and not start shaving directly, just to soften the skin a bit, which should make shaving later easier.

When shaving himself, he then made sure that I have tense the skin a little bit. Here it was important to pull the skin upwards, because this way the hairs are directed upwards and are almost waiting to be shaved down to the exit point. In between, repeatedly rinsed the razor and on it went. A shaving passage was of course not enough to achieve the desired result. Therefore again with face foam and the procedure started over.

Almost no first shave without scratches

Of course, not everything went through the stage without any problems, there were a few scratches. But they are just one and with a piece of toilet paper, the problem was also solved again. And honestly, who sees his own father coming out of the bathroom with pieces of toilet paper on his face for years on Saturdays, he just thinks that shaving is part of it.

Nowadays, the safer things are a bit easier, because “man” no longer has to forgive his face when shaving; The Gillette ProGlide Flexball can be controlled at any angle without strenuous “face yoga” and masters any facial contours and the most difficult areas such as chin and neck easily. The result: a revolutionary shave, where every beard hair is effortlessly caught!
My first shave - a look back
But honestly, in retrospect, I am glad that I have brought my first time in terms of shaving over the stage, as I have described before. Definitely a nice memory. Although the first experience with a disposable razor was quite positive, I now only use an electric shaver to keep my facial hair in check. Do you remember what your first shave was?
My first shave - a look back

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My first shave - a look back

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