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Military haircuts

Short hair cutting is a rite of passage when entering the military and acts as part of the uniform. These short styles serve a range of purposes, including the presentation of health and strength, the creation of confidence in the civilian population and protection (in close combat, no one can resort to short hair). Of course, short hair is easy to wear and maintain for the active lifestyle and challenging environments that military life brings.

The classic bootcamp cut is the buzz cut. It does not get any easier than a short all-over clipper cut. A fade can be added to the pages. This high and tight , also known as the haircut regulation, is top with shaved or faded sides. This works for straight hair, curly hair and black hair.

For a bit longer, the popular Ivy League is just a short haircut long enough to add a part. It is still short enough to be acceptable for military life, but long enough to style it.

Flat tops and undercuts are also classic military haircuts. Flat tops can be very short or have a certain length. Undercuts can be worn with a high and tight, Recon or Ivy League.

Take a look at these 5 types of military haircuts that work for civilian and civilian life.

1. induction haircut

Military haircuts


The razor head is part of the start camp and should rob recruits of their individuality and promote a team mentality. It also means that there is nothing else but to focus on training.

This cut is sometimes called Mighty Fine, number zero on the ground, and the army’s # 1 haircut.

2. Sum average

Military haircuts


The length of the hair marks the days in the boot camp. These Navy SEALS have a long way to go.

3. Buzz + fade

Military haircuts

Brian Carreon

A fade makes a buzz cut more polished.

4th Buzz Cut + Line Up

Military haircuts

Rich Saenz

If you want to continue with the Buzz Cut after basic training, bring a fade and line-up style.

5. Short + medium length High and tight haircuts

Military haircuts

Army of the United States

The high and close is the next length of the buzz. As the name suggests, longer hairs are tall and the sides are tight. This cut can be short, as on the left or longer, like the thick wavy hair on the right.

6. Jarhead haircut

Military haircuts

US Marine Corps Photo by Sgt. Tyler L. Main

The marine version of the High and Tight is also referred to as Jarhead.

7. Fade high and tight

Military haircuts

Evan Porter

This high and tight haircut is faded very tight thanks to a center.

8. High and tight for black hair

Military haircuts

James Wood

The high and tight is also a popular hairstyle for black men.

9. Long up, high and tight

Military haircuts

Jacqueline Bernstein Deveau

High and tight haircuts can go from ultra-short to almost medium-long. A prickly quiff on the front keeps this clean cut.

10. Rippled high and tight

Military haircuts

Mint Hair Crafting

This long lace, short sides and back haircut is a popular choice for men with wavy or curly hair.

11. Curly high and tight

Military haircuts

King DOM Norwood

A tall and tight fading looks good with short and long tangled locks.

12th Ivy League haircut

Military haircuts

Army of the United States

The Ivy League is a short hairstyle with a side part. This is the longer range of military haircuts.

13. High Fade Haircut

Military haircuts

Josh Ron Craig

This classic side-part haircut with a high fade effect is a good-looking and easy-care look.

14. Spiny hair

Military haircuts

Riley Rabul

This short cut is long enough to style in a crest or top.

15. Short comb over haircut + quiff

Military haircuts

Barber Greg

The Ivy League is just long enough to style against the part and comb into a quiff.

16. Flat top haircut

Military haircuts Jerry’s Oldtyme barbershop

The flat-top haircut goes in and out of fashion, but is always associated with the military.

17. Short flat top

Military haircuts

Jason Dunn

That’s about as short as a flat top can be, but it still has this distinctive flat deck at the top.

18. Flattop

Military haircuts

Jerry’s Oldtyme barbershop

Use a wax or pomade and pull the hair straight up to make this flattop.

19. High and tight + Interrupted

Military haircuts

Darby Backes

The undercut is another popular military style. While long hair like the Brad Pitt Fury haircut are no longer acceptable, this tall and tight looks good too.

20th Ivy League + Undercut

Military haircuts

Kyle Ridner

With a side panel, this is essentially an Ivy League with undercut sides.

21. Marine Corps high and tight

Military haircuts

Aleksandr Vasilyev

The Marine Corps High and Tight has defined instead of faded pages, resulting in the jarhead haircut. A tighter version would be called Recon.

Military haircuts

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