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Men's Hairstyles – The latest trends for men!

Casual fashion in the most up-to-date look and business wardrobe by the designer, but the style of the hair is harsh. Many men are still limited to the need for unnecessary curls instead of thinking about a chic man’s hairstyle. The perfectly styled head completes the fashion appearance convincingly. However, this upgrade in charisma does not succeed with all men’s trend hairstyles of the season.

Hairstyle trend for men – typing

Therefore, before a bold change in the hairstylist should be considered whether cool Kurzhaarfrisuren, the revival of the kesse mad or long-flowing mane are in demand.

Men’s hairstyles with undercut

This model is one of the perennial favorites in the trend hairstyles. Approaching the style was already seen in the men’s hairstyle by James Dean. Over the decades, the hairstyle trend has been endowed with extreme disharmonies, asymmetries, flashy colors, or dark wave accents. Accordingly, this men’s hairstyle was a rebellious statement for a long time.

In the more subtle version, the styling is now also found in managers. It is essential how extroverted the discrepancies in the undercut between the lower part and the top hair are.

Advantageous in the smart undercut: With the appropriate styling products from dapper men’s hairstyles for the office with a few simple cool short hairstyles. The only drawback, hairstyles with restrained undercut are now outdated in the fashion scene.

Men’s hairstyles side vertex

In the 50s, the meticulously draped swing was a must for every gentleman. However, the men’s hairstyle was also quite short with side parting and indicated the plus of the hair length in the front only.

A look into the lookbooks for trendy menswear reveals: Men’s hairstyles with side parting are in vogue again. However, the lengths may be slightly more pronounced and more casual during leisure. This men’s hairstyle is an insider tip for men with pronounced receding hairline. Take care when handling the styling cream: Too tightly styled hair will quickly make you look good on the suit.

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Men’s hairstyles 2014 with great

In the flowing transition, the lateral hairs are kept a little shorter, while the top hair is given some fullness. The front part is styled with a bit of volume in the back of the head to create a manly hairstyle with teasing madness. All this reminds of wild times, Rock’n Roll and Elvis. However, the hallmark of the legend is only hinted at.

The current men’s hairstyles are a little more discreet, flatter and worn without sideburns. In these trend hairstyles, the expertise of hairstylists is in demand: The shortness of the side part must bow to the head shape, so that the men’s hairstyle looks beneficial. Anyone who already has a noticeably high forehead or receding hairline, is rarely well advised with this style.

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Hairstyles of the categories medium or long

Long hair and gentleman – these two things go well together. However, this requires the skilful handling of the pair of scissors. It is by no means enough to give nature a free rein. With medium-length hairstyles, such as the mushroom head, give asymmetrical accents of hair a styled character. P

Appropriate cuts for flowing men’s hair ensure that the mane gets a well-groomed face. To what extent male hairstyles of this category can be combined with the job, everyone must decide for themselves.

Important note for these men’s hairstyles: The long nature look requires a continuous and intensive hair care. For the stay in the bathroom so a comfortable time window should be included.

No Go: Anyone who thinks that the lengths of these hairstyles can hide bald patches on their heads has not even looked at the back of their heads.

Shaved Purism – Bald. Short hair!

When the splendor clears and the hairdresser is offered a meager potential for creative men’s hairstyles, then only helps radical self-confidence. But beware: Even the handling of the razor would like to be learned, so that the purist cool short hairstyles do not remind of military and prison.

Even the styled balding is one of the hairstyles for which a professional is in demand. If experts want to include the facial hair in the individual look, this is already a good sign.

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Men’s hairstyles surfer look

The sporty, natural look of a sunny boy, who casually gets stranded with the board at the beach bar: this is the leitmotif of orderly chaos with paradisiacal sea breezes.

From short to medium to long, everything is conceivable as the basis for this men’s hairstyle. For the style to succeed is creative skill. That’s why cool short hairstyles of this category do not come without a pony.

The hairdresser lays the foundation of the surfer hairstyle with creative editing techniques that look quite odd without styling. Therefore, the handle to the Texturizer is essential before going on the slopes with the surfer look.

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Experts to power!

What hairstyle is mine? This question should not be addressed to your best friend or discount hairdresser. A perfect haircut takes into account:

  • head shape
  • hair structure
  • hair density
  • personality
  • dress style
  • job
  • Time budget for styling

In addition, profound skills, continuous education and talent are required for the convincing cut. Therefore, hairstylists should not save money.

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By the way, do not be alarmed if the professional takes the paint pot: Copper tones soften red-hot mane in a chic way. Light or brown accents give the street-killer blond something meaningful. Gray hair turns into a silver-plated sex appeal with the right conditioner. So only courage!

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Men's Hairstyles - The latest trends for men!

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