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Mats Hummels shows us #SuccessIsMade

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I do not believe the fairy tale that will be successful overnight. To be sure, this may seem like when you reach a climax, because you pay more attention to the radiant moment than to the hard work that preceded it. But that’s not how it is!

Therefore, it is quite refreshing when well-known stars like Mats Hummels chat out and show that a success is not given. The global brand ambassador of Boss Bottled as well as successful German defenders and world champions has also had to learn:

“Success is not given to you. You deserve it. “

Whether football, at work or generally in life, success is not given to anyone. You always have to do something if you want to move forward. This is what I see here at, so next to you a lot of other readers regularly over, but that can also stop very quickly, if I no longer put my time, energy and creativity in this blog, with the Time your interest will pass. And the seemingly “given” success evaporates. Then it will not be long before the blog disappears in the vastness of the Internet.
Mats Hummels shows us #SuccessIsMade
Therefore, it is certainly not surprising that the current Hugo Boss campaign #SuccessIsMade appeals to me very much with Mats Hummels. Because this is clearly inspired by ambition and determination. The #SuccessIsMade campaign clearly shows that success is the result of hard work and an unwavering belief in one’s own strength, combined with an extremely strong, unruly will to never lose sight of one’s goal. Even if there are obstacles in the way.

The #SuccessIsMade campaign is also the latest one in other countries. There, the defender and world champion Mats Hummels is supported by other world football stars such as English striker Daniel Sturridge , Spanish midfielder Isco and James Rodríguez for Latin America and Asia, Yohan Cabaye for France and Robin van Persie for the Netherlands.

You can share this message. For me too, success is not luck, but hard work and faith in one’s own abilities and goals in order to achieve them. Boss Bottled celebrates success with a new, energetic fragrance: Unlimited. The fragrance captivates by the fact that Boss Bottled has composed a modern-fresh variation of a classic-masculine fragrance.

Mats Hummels shows us #SuccessIsMade

Striking is the mix of refreshing mint and evergreen cistus, combined with juicy grapefruit and the long-lasting flair of masculine wood notes. For me, a contender for my summer scent 2016. If you are interested, you can find more information on the #SuccessIsMade and Boss Bottled Unlimited on the associated website , on Youtube or Facebook .

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Mats Hummels shows us #SuccessIsMade

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