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Low fade haircuts

Low fade haircuts

Low Fade Haircuts and Middle Fade Haircuts are gaining in popularity in 2017, after focusing more heavily on the weakening in the last year.

Low-fades can be added to any male hairstyle, from short to long. There is no cleaner cut to a haircut and the slight fade looks good, which means you can go in between cuts for a few extra weeks.

Let’s take a look at the different low-fade styles you can get.

1. Low drop of fade

Low fade haircuts

Nomad Barber LDN

As the name a drop-fade falls behind the ear. All low fades are drop fades because they follow the hairline’s bow. The effect of this medium-length hairstyle is clean cut all around.

2. Low skin fade haircut

Low fade haircuts

Ivan Rodriguez Hernández

A low skin fades the hair down to the skin, making the hair at the top even thicker and longer. Skin tints also work with beards of all lengths. The lateral burns have disappeared, but the hair rejuvenates back into the facial hair.

3. Low taper fade

Low fade haircuts

Ben “sugar” Kane

A rejuvenation is similar to fading but longer. A rejuvenated cut goes from short to shorter, while a fade reaches down to the skin. This low-taper fade combines the two with a short taper that fades the hair around the neck area.

4. Low fade side part hairstyle

Low fade haircuts

Dynasty barbers

A low fade can be added to any men’s hairstyle. Along with a shaved part, the Low Fade adds a fresh update to the classic sidepiece hairstyle .

5th comb over low fade

Low fade haircuts

Charlie Böll hairdresser

Men’s hair looks good from every angle. From the back, longer hair combed to one side is surrounded by short hair.

6. Low Bald Fade

Low fade haircuts

Dill black

A low incidence of light on the skin works on every haircut, from short to long. For thick or curly hair, it is a simple and stylish way to manage hair while letting a little length, like those short twists.

7. Low fade undercut

Low fade haircuts

Diana Pour

An undercut cuts the sides and back to a short length, while a fade rejuvenates the length just after the skin. This cool cut combines the two. This cut looks fresh from the front as well as from the side.

8. Low fade with curls

Low fade haircuts


For longer curly hairstyles for men, a slight fade cleans the edges for a wearier, but cool look. Go all the way to the skin or ultra short.

9. Low Fade Mohawk

Low fade haircuts

Javi the barber

The Burst Fading Mohawk is sometimes mistakenly referred to as a low-fade Iroquois, but here’s the real deal. A burst of fade is a sunburst of shaved hair behind the ear, while a low fade shaves hair around the back of the head. This cool style is more of a faux hawk or even pomp hawk, but could be peppered to the punk style.

10. Low Fade Pompadour

Low fade haircuts

Men’s World Herenkapper

The Pomp Fade is a popular hairstyle because it is easy to style and looks good. It can be worn with a medium or high fade, but this slight fade follows the lines of long hair at the top.

11. Low fade with a beard

Low fade haircuts

Mokum barbers

Can a low fade be worn with a beard? Yes, it can. In the same way as the hair rejuvenates into a fade, your hairdresser will run it back for a smooth transition to the facial hair. The result is ultra clean edges, no matter how long the beard is.

Low fade haircuts

Check, then

The beard is a stylish trend for 2015 that suits all men. Even better, …

Low fade haircuts

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