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Look at the hairstyles Trends 2019 – that's what awaits us

I would like to present the hairstyle and hair trends for men 2018 yet. Will take until the beginning of 2018. But I would like to introduce you to at least a small preview of the Hairstyles Trends 2018, which we will see in a similar or similar way.

In the past few years, some experimental styles have been seen, such as the Color Up Look , 2018 a little more restrained. Before we take a look forward, I’d like to thank you for my page: Hairstyles for Men – an overview where you can look at a variety of current and past hairstyle trends.

Short versus long hair – what hairstyle can it be?

If I remember a few years back, it was clear to me that my hair would be worn short. Not necessarily in the shape of a buzz cut , but still much shorter than the 2017 trendy throwback cut . However, my attitude has changed, something that I also notice in my circle of friends.

Men increasingly wear their hair a bit longer. Nevertheless, one should, before making the decision, whether short or long hair, ask the question: which hairstyle suits me? Because not every man can wear any hairstyle is unfortunately so. I have already mentioned two important rules on how to find the right hairstyle for you in this post. Otherwise, my ultimate tip is still: Talk to your barber!

Of course, this can also get more out of your style with more hair. Which is simply because there is more hair to get into shape. One thing should be clear, however, longer hair requires more care. Just get up, let hair hang wild and off to the office looks in the least good. You have to assume that for the right hair styling in the morning a few minutes go by. Anyone who already has hair in need of care should probably be repelled by this extra effort.

Either way, I’m sure that there is the right hairstyle for every taste and especially for every man. Below you will find the links to three short hairstyles followed by three longhairstyle hairstyles, which are sure to be hot in 2018 when it comes to hairstyle and hair trends for men 2018.

Trendy short hairstyles 2018

Three Kurzhaarfrisuren, which we certainly see from my point of view in 2018 often, I have linked to you below. I have already considered these extensively in previous contributions to trendy hairstyles and therefore spare both of us from warming up long-known information. Because these you will find enough in the linked articles.

Trendy longhair hairstyles 2018

Of course, the same applies to trendy long-hairstyles, who already knew how to convince in 2017 as well as the years before. That’s why I’m sure we’ll get to see them again in 2018 or so. In the following linked articles you will find the most important information.

If you want to know which hairstyles you can wear with different hair types, then I can recommend this post to you: Hairstyles for the transition from summer to autumn – that can be worn!

Bleach Blonde – Blond hair in trendy men?

In the introduction to this post, I have promised that it is a little more classic, set in trend hairstyles and hairstyles. I have to row back a bit now. Although it does not get quite as colorful as the color up look, a little color is brought into play when it comes to looking at the hairstyle trends 2018.

Look at the hairstyles Trends 2019 - that's what awaits us

Icon Image | Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

Bleach Blonde is the magic word. From 2018 Rumors in the trend. Instead of wearing the normal hair color, you’ll wear plantinum, ash blond or copper blonde. Honestly, not an option for me. Personally, I do not think much about dyeing hair and it certainly does not look like anything. Anyone who dares anyway, is probably in terms of hairstyle and hair styling in 2018 very much in vogue. But luckily you do not have to join every trend. Or!?

Curtains, Throwback Cut, everything one …

Somehow, this style does not want to disappear anymore. Already since the beginning of 2017, you can not get the throwback cut or curtain look any more off the screen. But at some point Retro is no longer fashionable, right? Long fringes that fall from the right and left in the face are not really convincing. A cut is not really recognizable in this hairstyle. Grow, drop sideways and hope that it looks a little appealing. Some trends should rather stay where they came from.

Look at the hairstyles Trends 2019 - that's what awaits us

Photo by Philip Martin on Unsplash

Nevertheless, this boy band look will continue to celebrate its modern comeback in 2018. Especially if you have a square or rectangular face, this hairstyle can bring a certain accent. If your own hairdresser stretches the Throwback Cut a bit to bring in structure, it does not look quite as good in the 90’s. For styling itself you do not need much, a soft brush to shape the hair after showering or washing, then a little spray to keep it in shape.

Casual Quiff – another old acquaintance returns

The most popular men’s hairstyle, the quiff, we will see again in 2018. In 2018, this casual, contemporary style comes along lightly. Appear less dramatic and structured than the Pompadour. The 2018 variant will put on a sharp cut with slim lines, which comes straight to the point. On the top, the hair remains long, on the back and sides, these are a lot shorter. This makes the hair style a bit more aggressive.

Look at the hairstyles Trends 2019 - that's what awaits us

Photo by Ihor Saveliev on Unsplash

With contemporary quiffs, the greater the contrast, the more the hairstyle becomes an eye-catcher. Otherwise, it is important to keep the hair in the real great long, everything else may or must be shorter to produce the desired effect. Other variants of the quiff, which you certainly can wear in 2018, can be found in this post: The Quiff .

Look at the hairstyles Trends 2019 - that's what awaits us

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