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Lionel Messi haircut

Lionel Messi haircut

Lionel Messi, striker for the Spanish club Barcelona, ​​has made headlines for both his hairstyles and his football game. From long hair to platinum blonde Messi has experimented with the hair of men.

Clean and classic cuts look good on Messi and are a great choice for footballers and active men. These cuts and styles are easy to wear and look great in heat, sweat and strong activity.

Shorter styles retain their shape in all conditions. Prolonged appearance needs some product, but can also withstand physical activity.

We have omitted some of the blinds, but here are 5 of the best Lionel Messi haircuts.

1. Classic men’s hair

Lionel Messi haircut

AFP photo

This classic, long, short, high-heeled hairstyle is an attractive choice that is also suitable for an active lifestyle. Add a small product to give your best on and off the field.

2nd short haircut

Lionel Messi haircut

One of Messi’s short haircuts, that’s the Steve McQueen with a little more length. This cut looks great with prickly texture like above or worn chaotic.

3rd side haircut

Lionel Messi haircut

This side panel cut and style is another look that never goes out of style for men. Add some product for a more formal style or wear natural hair every day.

4. Low fade haircut

Lionel Messi haircut


This low-fade haircut creates a clearly angled line. On the top, the hair is cut into fine spikes and styled. Low, Medium and High Fade Haircuts are all great cuts for active guys.

5. Blonde sweep back

Lionel Messi haircut

Oli Scarff-AFP-Getty Images

This platinum blonde color got a big reaction. While the color does not flatter with Messi’s skin tone and abruptly contrasts his reddish beard, he became blond and felt reborn. While the colors are off, the combination of hair and beard looks good.

Lionel Messi haircut

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Lionel Messi haircut

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