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Ivy League haircut

Ivy League haircut

The Ivy League hairstyle, also known under the brand names Princeton or Harvard Clip, is a short men’s hairstyle with a part. It’s a crew with long hair cut enough to style with a side piece.

The Ivy League can not only be combed to the side, but also styled with a short bangs or roughened to a short pompadour.

This dapper hairstyle can be worn short or even short. While it’s a retro cut, the classic look has never really gone out of style. The cut gets longer or shorter, but always looks good.

Look at these 5 ways to wear the Ivy League haircut.

Original Ivy League haircut

Ivy League haircut

As seen in a 1961 boys life magazine, this is the original Ivy League in a pomade ad. The style is clean and short, but just long enough to style.

Crew cut hairstyles

Ivy League haircut

Ryan cuts hair

Real crew cuts are very short. This militarily licensed version of the Ivy League has just enough hair to divide and style. Add a product for a more defined finish.

Short side part haircut

Ivy League haircut

Tommy geography

Just a touch more length and a touch of product takes this cut and style of a high and tight to an Ivy League.

Buzz cut styles

Ivy League haircut

Martin John

The Ivy League is also an excellent transition hairstyle when you go from short and shaved to longer looks. The longer top, short sides and back give the growth process extra styling and shaping options.

Ivy League + side piece

Ivy League haircut

Rum barber

This modern version of the Ivy League adds a slight fade around the pages, but does not lose its neat charm.

Side part + short pomp

Ivy League haircut

A cut above

Because of the styling options also referred to as a convertible haircut, this Ivy League is brushed on the opposite side of the part and forward in a deep pomp.

Ivy League haircut

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Ivy League haircut

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