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Individually styled by everyday life – no problem!


With my blog, I try to give you helpful tips and tricks on the way, as you individually styled by everyday life. Among other things, by my style tips you get the opportunity to inform you about trendy clothes, shoes and accessories, but there does not stop your own style. But just starts.

“Have it. Just like the big guy with the little dog on it. “

Because also your hairstyle and your beard can be styled individually. When it comes to hair, the whole thing is not so difficult, let the hairdresser lay the foundation with a handsome cut and in the morning just bring in shape with a little wax or hair gel. In terms of beard, the whole thing can be a little more challenging. One of the reasons why it has always been for me: “Bear down completely or let grow” – I have not styled this right.

Style your own beard – not as hard as you think …

Here, the Gillette Styler , the first 3-in-1 razor, will help in the future. With this, the styling of your own beard becomes child’s play. Because whether trim, shave or define contours, the Gillette Styler shies from any challenge. This is because the 3-in-1 razor is based on years of razor experience and Gillette has secured not only its own but also Braun’s technology for the Gillette Styler.

Individually styled by everyday life - no problem!

When trimming, for example, he uses the state-of-the-art technology of Braun – Power Trimmer – which allows trimming the bar to a length of two, four and six millimeters. Three individually selectable comb attachments can be used to determine the respective length of the barts and the ergonomically designed handle ensures that the razor is held under maximum control during trimming and shaving.

Individually styled by everyday life - no problem!

The shave itself succeeds effortlessly thanks to Fusion ProGlide Power, Gillette’s most advanced blades. The blades convince by the fact that they are thinner and finer, whereby the razor draws less on the whiskers and tears. The whiskers are raised by a micro comb just before shaving, so they are better grasped by the blade. A wide lubrastrip moisturizes and gently slides the razor over the skin.

Individually styled by everyday life - no problem!

The Gillette Styler is rounded off by the precision trimmer on the back of the blade head. This has a precise contour blade that gives the beard sharp and precise contours. So, honestly, what’s the excuse that you do not style your own beard? No, right?

More information about the new Gillette Styler can be found here: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube .

In collaboration with Gillette

Individually styled by everyday life - no problem!

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