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How to style short curly hair for men

How to style short curly hair for men

The first step of How to get short curly hair for men style gets a great cut. For this, a salon may be the best option for the special attention and hairstyles that make curls manageable and look great.

If you keep curly hair short, your styling time will already be reduced by about two centimeters. Here are more tips for how to style curly mens hair :

1. Stop the ShampooCurly hair tends to be dry because natural oils have a hard time moving from the scalp to the roots. Shampoo makes the hair even drier, so that the shampooing once a week max. Opt for a sulfate-free or lock-specific formula.

2. Strength + Conditioning – To look good, curls need extra moisture. Get one that fits your shampoo, but use it every day and concentrate on processing it into the hair tips.

3. Rubbing – After showering, gently dry the hair with a towel. Rubbing hair damages it and encourages frizz, something you want to avoid. Better yet, swap your towel for an old T-shirt – the fibers and tight tissue are better for the hair (and less stretch).

4. Comb it – Use a brush or a typical comb on your curls? If there are no nodes, go ahead and use only the fingers. If you need a disentanglement, use a wide tooth comb that is available in every dollar deal.

5. Product – The last step is adding a product. Ask your stylist for a referral or just use trial and error to find the best one for you. Heat a little product between the palms, but not too much – curls are weighted and look greasy. Rub through the hair to distribute it evenly. Finally, let the hair dry in the air and ready!

How to style short curly hair for men

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How to style short curly hair for men

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