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How to grow a long beard

How to grow a long beard

Beards are one of the must-have accessories for men in 2014. If you already have one, you may be ready to switch from short beard to epic beard status. Here’s how to grow a long beard and trim it too.

To grow a long beard is pretty easy. On. Grow facial hair. Two. Take care of it. How long does it take to grow a beard? It depends on. Everyone has a genetic maximum growth rate, but there are ways to make sure they reach their potential. How can you grow a beard faster? Basically healthy life with good nutrition, exercise and adequate rest. Continue reading for the details.

How to grow a long beard

1. Diet – Elements of the controversial Paleo diet are one of the ways to stimulate hair growth. Increase the consumption of high-quality protein and fat sources, such as free range eggs and organic or grass food, to promote hair growth on the face . On the other hand, sugar grows very weak hair.

2. Testosterone – Testosterone is related to hair growth . According to ” Facial Hair Manual ” author and two-time world bartender Jack Passion exercise increases testosterone levels. Combine weight lifting aimed at larger muscle groups such as squats, deadlifts and cardio cleaning ( or meet your local Crossfit gym ).

3. Sleep – As an adult, your body repairs injuries and grows hair during sleep. Aim for 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in a dark room. The more the better.

Now that your beard growth is maximized, it’s time to worry about facial hair. There are natural oils that protect the hair, but for harsh conditions such as a chlorinated pool or a windy day outdoors, protect the hair with a light cover of jojoba oil. Beard care also keeps beard hair from itching as well as soft and conditioned.

If you have decided on a long beard, you should skip the trimming until you reach the desired length. If the result is too shabby for your job, start earlier. When you first cut your beard, start slowly and carefully. It’s much better to spend more time cultivating the beard than reforesting it. At this length, many men find that facial hair may differ in color from hair on the head. Beards often have red, gray or other colors. Look at the beard painting guide if you want a new look.

Here’s how to trim a long beard . For long beards, use a regular beard trimmer for the sides. Choose a long guard length and sharply with the sides of the face, above the jaw line. Start with the highest guard and work your way down, resulting in a tighter trim and less room for mistakes.

The rest of the beard trimming revolves around rejuvenating hair in a pleasing shape. Start by combing outward in each direction. Now you can use scissors or clipper, although slipping the hand with the latter can cause serious damage. Prepare the beard roughly with your fingers to the desired shape. When you’re done, straighten your hair back on the skin and check the results. If the hair is not short enough or the right shape, comb it out again and cut a little more. Avoid excessive trimming by doing this in a few stages until you are practiced.

The last step is to trim the mustache. Get out the beard clippers again and start with a longer watch. If the stache is the right length, use a pair of scissors to remove all rogue hair, and you have a well-groomed, long beard.

How to grow a long beard

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How to grow a long beard

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